1. What are the rates for Data Roaming?
  2. *Data Roam 38
    You will be charged at RM38 for every 500MB consumed.

  3. Which are the participating countries/networks are in XOX Data Roaming?

  4. data roaming table
  5. Who is eligible for XOX Data Roaming?
  6. -All ONEXOX prepaid and BLACK subscribers are eligible to enjoy Data Roam 38.

  7. How do I subscribe to XOX Data Roaming?
  8. For BLACK: It will be automatically activated once the roaming setting on the mobile phone. – For Prepaid: Send SMS “DATA ROAM” to 23388/22111/28899. Connect to XOX partner operator and change APN setting to xox.

  9. How do I know if my roaming is activated?
  10. You will receive SMS notification once you arrive at your destination country.

    Example of SMS:
    Welcome SMS : ex Singapore:
    RM0: Welcome to Singapore & stay connected with XOX MOBILE! XOX Prepaid –
    1) Connect to ,
    2) Change APN to XOX,
    3) Send DATA ROAM to 23388,
    4) Turn on mobile data & data roaming to enjoy roaming @ RM38/day. ONEXOX BLACK – Follow Prepaid step 1,2 & 4 and enjoy! For any enquiries, call +603-78824952.

    Successfully activated data roaming:
    RM0.00 Yay! Your data roaming has been successfully activated. Kindly reply DATA BAL to check data roaming balance, reply BAL or key *132# to check account balance

  11. Will I be charged extra when I exceed my maximum internet usage?
  12. Once you have reached 100% usage, you will not be able to use data roaming.