Terms & Conditions for the usage of XOX MOBILE operator services and products



1.           Account - means an account opened for the Subscribers with XOX, subscribing to the Service where we record your credit, charges, and personal details.

2.           Agreement – refers to the completed registration Form made for Service between the Subscribers and XOX including any Addendum, subsequent supplements made by XOX at its absolute discretion from time to time.

3.           Approved Use - means the legal, official, warranted, approved and/or sanctioned use of your SIM Card.

4.           Barred – refers the status of Subscribers’ Account, where they can receive incoming calls and SMSes, but unable to access data Service and/or make outgoing calls and/or send SMS.

5.           Blocked - means the status of Subscribers’ Account, where they are unable to access data Service, make/receive outgoing/incoming calls and send/receive SMSes except for automated SMS from XOX.

6.           Content - means information, data, communications, images and sounds, software or any other material contained on or available through the Services.

7.           Charges – Any amount due and payable to XOX.

8.           Device, Devices – refers to any mobile device used by the Subscriber to access the Service.

9.           Embedded SIM, eSIM - An eSIM is an embedded SIM in a Device, where information is updated wirelessly enabling a MSISDN without the need of a physical SIM Card.

10.         Form – refers to the template to obtain personal and relevant information from the Subscribers to XOX signed by the Subscribers and accepted by XOX including all unilateral amendments, variations, additions and/or deletions.

11.         Intellectual Property Rights, IP Rights - refers to the general term for the assignment of property rights through patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

12.         Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number or MSISDN – refers to the number used for the international identification of mobile phone numbers.

13.         Network - means the mobile telecommunications system and/or network facilities run by us to enable the provision of the Service to Subscribers.

14.         Principal/General Terms and Conditions - refers to the terms and conditions agreed by the Subscriber under the Principal registration form for subscription to XOX’s services.

15.         Quota – refers to the monthly Service entitlement of the Subscriber’s BLACK plan.

16.         Service – refers to the mobile telecommunication services including calling, texting and data service, or any other product or services under BLACK rendered XOX at this current time or in the future and includes, where applicable, the value-added services.

17.         Subscriber Identification Module Card or SIM Card – means the microprocessor card provided by XOX which is inserted in the mobile Device and contains a Personal Identification Number (PIN) access into the Service. The definition of SIM Card will include Supplementary SIM Card(s) where applicable.

18.         Subscriber, Subscribers, his, her, they, their, you, your, yours - means the person authorised for using the Service subject to the terms and conditions herein and/or an entity of whatsoever description including, but not limited to, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a body corporate or otherwise governmental bodies and agencies of any kind established under the laws, rules and/or regulations of its domicile for the time being in force and which may come in.

19.         Terminate or Terminated – means the status where the Subscriber’s Account is no longer active. The Subscriber will not be able to obtain the same mobile number (MSISDN) and any remaining credit, data, talktime, SMS, e-Wallet credit and any other service or benefit or applicable freebies remaining and/or relating to the account shall be forfeited.

20.         Terms and Conditions – refers to these terms and conditions.

21.         XOX, we, us, our, ours, its - means XOX Sdn Bhd (Registration No. 200801011962 (813250-K)) and shall include any entity controlled by, or under common control with XOX Bhd (Registration No. 201001016682 (900384-X)).

22.         XOX Online Store – refers to XOX’s official online store at https://xox.com.my/onlinestore

23.         XOX Service Centre, Service Centre – refers to the XOX’s official Service centres.

24.         XOX Self Care, Self-Care – refers to the XOX’s official self-care portal at https://xox.com.my/selfcare






1.           The Services are made available to the subscriber(s) by XOX subject to these general terms and conditions and the specific terms and conditions of each Service. Upon activation, Subscribers are deemed to have read, unconditionally accepted, and be bound by these terms and conditions as may be amended from time to time without prior consent of Subscriber.

2.           XOX reserves the right to change, vary, amend and/or add portions of the terms and conditions from time to time with or without notice to the Subscriber and the Subscriber shall be bound by such changes, variations, amendments   and/or   additions.   Please   visit   XOX’s   web   page at www.xox.com.my periodically to determine any changes, variations, amendments and/or additions made to this terms and conditions.

Where the Terms and Conditions are translated into a language other than the English Language, in the event of any inconsistencies, conflicts or discrepancies between the terms and conditions set out in the English Language version and that of the other language(s), the English Language version shall prevail.






1.           Subscribers agree and acknowledge that the quality and availability of Service may vary from place to place, and from time to time. XOX does not represent and/or guarantee and/or warrant in any way that the Service will be free from any fault, error, or interruption. The Service is not fault free and may be affected by factors outside XOX’s control, including but not limited to physical obstructions, geographic and atmospheric conditions, radio interference, governmental or regulatory authority and faults on other telecommunications systems connected to XOX’s network. In spite of such events, subscribers agree to pay all fees and charges which are outstanding and/or due and payable to XOX under the Agreement.

2.           XOX’s network and the Services may from time to time require upgrading, modification, maintenance and/or other work, which may result in partial or complete non-availability of Service.

3.           XOX does not guarantee or warrant the availability of the data usage and the Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that the data usage is provided on and “as is” basis.

4.           To experience 4G LTE speed, Subscribers must use a 4G compatible device and the data service is used in an area with 4G network.

5.           XOX may vary the technical specification of Service from time to time.

6.           XOX will use reasonable endeavours to maintain Content, but it may be incomplete, out of date and/or inaccurate. Subscribers accept that XOX will not be liable for any action Subscribers or any other party take in reliance on the Content or the accuracy, completeness, or continuous supply of the Content.

7.           Subscribers are solely responsible for evaluating the accuracy and completeness of any Content and the value and integrity of goods and services offered by third parties over the Service. XOX will not be a party to nor in any way be responsible for any transaction concerning third party goods and services.

8.           Subscribers may only use Content in a way that does not infringe the intellectual property rights (IP Rights) of others (Approved Use) and Subscribers must comply with all other instructions issued by XOX regarding use of Content. Subscribers shall not store, modify, transmit, distribute, broadcast, or publish any part of the Content other than for an Approved Use. The reselling, copying or incorporation into any other work of part or all the Content in any form is prohibited. Subscribers may only print or download extracts of Content for personal use.






1.           In the use of the Service, Subscribers agree: -

a.           To be responsible for the use of the Services and to accept full risks in doing so;

b.           That XOX shall not be liable to the Subscriber or any third party authorised or claiming on behalf of the Subscriber for any loss, damage, consequential or loss of business, expenses incurred, loss of revenue or profits suffered by the Subscriber and or injury caused or suffered by a person and or damage to property whether direct or indirect arising from or due to any act of omission, error, default, or delay by XOX in relation to the services provided.

c.           To fully indemnify and keep XOX indemnified at all times against all claims, losses, liabilities, demands, costs and expenses including legal fees which may result or which XOX may sustain in connection with or arising from the provision of the services to the Subscriber;

d.           That any renewal or extension by the Subscriber shall be made in the form as stated by XOX and all such renewal requests shall be sent to the address provided in the Form and/or by fax to the number provided by XOX and shall be deemed an original document taken together to constitute the Terms and Conditions. The Subscriber agrees to be bound by its facsimile signature and such facsimile received and acknowledged by XOX shall be deemed accepted, binding on the Subscriber from the date of receipt and shall form part of the Agreement;

e.           To be fully responsible for any voice or message or data transmitted by the Subscriber or persons using the Subscriber’s Device(s);

f.            To comply with all applicable laws of Malaysia relating to the service, including without limitation to the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998, other acts, statutes, by laws, rules and regulations issued by relevant government and regulatory agencies which may be amended from time to time;

g.           To take all reasonable steps to prevent fraudulent, improper, or illegal use of the service. The Subscriber agrees to report immediately to XOX upon the discovery of any fraud, theft, loss or unauthorised usage or any occurrence of unlawful acts in relation to the Device and Services and agrees to lodge a police report whenever instructed by XOX and to give XOX a certified copy of such report. XOX may extract any message details or personal information of the Subscriber or any data provided by the Subscriber in the event such information is necessary in the event of a suspected and/or proven misuse of the Service;

h.           For any excessive usage, or on suspicion of fraud, any illegal practice or unusual activity in respect of the Subscriber’s account with XOX, XOX at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time without being liable to the Subscriber or any third party to discontinue, disconnect, interrupt, bar or suspend the service for period of time as XOX shall deem fit.

i.            To comply with all instructions, notices or directions issued by XOX;

j.            Where data services are provided under the Plan, to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and the Fair Usage Policy available on the website at www.xox.com.my and may be modified from time to time by XOX.

k.           XOX MOBILE may send the Subscribers notifications relating to promotional and marketing activities from time to time. The only exception is when XOX receives a written notification from the Subscriber requesting otherwise.


2.           Subscribers agree not to use or allow any part of the Service to be used: -

a.           To advertise, transmit, store, post, display or otherwise make available materials which may be defamatory, offensive, indecent or illegal or improper or otherwise violate any applicable laws;

b.           To advertise, transmit, post, facilitate or solicit any Content, product or service that contains harmful, damaging or destructive programmes;

c.           To disrupt or undermine the security of various networks and systems that are connected to the Service directly or otherwise;

d.           To violate any party’s rights or affect other users’ enjoyment of access to any Services or

cause annoyance, harassment, irritation, inconvenience or anxiety to anyone;

e.           To infringe an individual’s privacy or personal rights;

f.            To engage in any activity that XOX determine to be harmful including but not limited to our customers, operations, reputation, goodwill or customer relations;

g.           To be resold or otherwise be provided to third parties;

h.           To be used for any activity which would generate Network traffic in excess of reasonable usage or cause congestion; and

i.            To cause any disruption, interference, interruption or degradation in the Network or Services.




1.           Subscribers must not interfere with or destroy the SIM Card and/or eSIM for any reason or allow it to be handed over to any other carrier (without XOX prior written consent).

2.           XOX shall provide Subscriber a SIM Card and/or eSIM on the condition that the SIM Card and/or eSIM shall remain our sole property and shall be returned to us upon a request from us or anyone authorised to act on our behalf.

3.           All SIM Cards and/or eSIM must be activated within Malaysia and before the expiry date printed on the SIM Pack. Any non-activated SIM Card and/or eSIM which has passed the imprinted expiry date will not be usable, refundable, exchangeable and/or returnable.

4.           Subscribers may be required to pay XOX for the replacement, exchange, or repair of any SIM Card and/or eSIM that is lost, stolen or damaged (through no fault of XOX or the manufacturer). Any SIM Card and/or eSIM found defective due to faulty workmanship or design may be replaced free of charge once returned to and accepted by XOX.

5.           Subscribers may be required to pay for all service charges up to the time Subscribers notify us of the loss or theft of their SIM Card and/or eSIM and their SIM Card and/or eSIM is deactivated.

6.           Subscribers shall not copy or modify or allow any other person to copy or modify any pre- programmed data of any SIM Card and/or eSIM.

7.           Subscribers are responsible for the safekeeping of their SIM Card and/or eSIM.

8.           Subscribers must notify XOX immediately upon discovery of any fraud, theft, loss, unauthorised usage, or any other unlawful acts in relation to their SIM Card and/or eSIM and agrees to lodge a report to Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) whenever instructed by XOX and to give XOX a certified copy of such report.

9.           All SIM Cards must be activated before the expiry date printed on the SIM Pack. A non-activated SIM Card which has passed the expiry date imprinted on it will not be usable and/or returnable.




1.           MNP is the ability of the Subscriber to change from one mobile service provider to another mobile service provider without changing their mobile number subject to the terms and conditions herein appearing. A prepaid and/or BLACK Subscriber who wishes to port is required to submit a ‘port in’ request to XOX and is subject to XOX existing terms and conditions for new registration and to existing geographical numbering requirements.

2.           Subscriber must satisfy these prerequisite conditions for a successful MNP:

a.           The current mobile number must be active at the time of the request

b.           Subscriber must provide valid identifications including, but not limited to, Identification card,

Armed Forces Identification Card and/or passport

c.           Subscriber must not have any outstanding and/or overdue amounts/contractual obligations with the current mobile service provider

d.           The mobile numbers must be in the range of mobile numbers as approved by MCMC time to time

e.           Upon request, the Subscriber must provide all other information as required from XOX

f.            Subject always to XOX terms and conditions prevailing at the time of the request as stipulated on XOX's website

3.           Subscribers who wish to port in must adhere to the terms and conditions including the procedures and processes prevailing at the time of request to port in as outlined by XOX which can be found in XOX's website at www.xox.com.my from time to time. Any port in shall be treated as a new application and is subject to XOX terms and conditions herein contained and represent a notice to terminate any agreement that the Customer has with the current mobile service operator.

4.           All services associated with the ported-out mobile number provided by XOX will be terminated when the SIM card is deactivated.

5.           Any call(s) or SMS or MMS or any other means of communications initiated by the Subscriber to the mobile number(s) that have ported out from XOX will be charged as per XOX's standard charges applicable to inter-network communications.

6.           Any fees imposed by XOX for the porting request are not refundable in any event whatsoever.

7.           XOX shall not be responsible and/or liable for any interruption and/or delay in approving and/or providing the Service to the Subscriber caused by the Customer's current mobile service operator.

8.           Any failed MNP port in will be refunded to subscribers after they submit inquiries via https://xox.com.my/contact-us




1.           In the event Subscribers wishes to terminate the Services, Subscribers shall request to terminate the service 30 days prior to their actual termination date.

2.           Subscribers may submit the request to terminate the service via XOX digital channels such as fill up the Termination Form (xox.com.my) or call XOX Customer Services.

3.           XOX will provide subscriber pre-final bill indicating their outstanding balance. Upon payment settlement, XOX will proceed with termination order on day 31 from subscriber termination notice.

4.           Subscribers may clear the payment settlement by utilising their overpaid balance in the billing system. If any overpayments remain after subscribers have settled their bills, subscribers must contact XOX Customer Service to request a refund.

5.           The overpayment in the subscriber's account t can be used to clear the bill. Subscribers may request a refund if there is still a balance after paying the bill.

6.           XOX has rights to suspend, disconnect or terminate any Service(s) due to non-payment.







1.           E-KYC is a digital subscriber identification process that involves scanning of proof of address and identification card for the purposes of identify and verifying the Subscriber's identity when signing up with or switching to XOX.

2.           Subscribers may be eligible for a refund from XOX if the e-KYC scan fails to scan their identification card or if they have a problem completing the registration process, which may cause the e-KYC process to fail.

3.           If the e-KYC fails and subscribers do not wish to proceed, they may write to https://xox.com.my/contact-us to request a refund. After they provide their bank details, the process may take 7-14 working days.

4.           For more information and updates on e-KYC, please visit Terms and Condition - XOX Online Store

5.           If a potential Subscribers fails to meet the minimum e-KYC requirements, XOX may refuse to open an account for them.




1.           By accepting XOX Terms and Conditions for Service, Subscribers agree to be bound by this Policy.

2.           XOX Fair Usage Policy is intended to ensure that Subscribers do not use XOX Services in an excessive, unreasonable, or fraudulent manner. Such usage may impact the quality or reliability of XOX Services.

3.           These policies apply when Subscribers use any of special offers giving calls, texts, photos, or data usage for free or at rates lower than XOX standard rates for, or unlimited access to, such calls, texts, photos, or data usage.

4.           Subscribers are prohibited from using the Services which can compromise the security or tamper with XOX system resources or accounts on XOX systems, or at any other site accessible via XOX systems.

5.           XOX network is a shared resource, and Subscribers agree to use the Services, in a considerate manner, which must not unfairly exploit the usage, affect the experience of other subscribers, or cause us loss – for example, but not limited to, the Services for reselling purposes, unreasonable bandwidth consumption, or accessing services which are prohibited under the Terms and Conditions for service or using unauthorized device.

6.           Subscribers will be responsible for the security of devices that are directly or indirectly connected to XOX network.

7.           For XOX Data Plan, subscriber’s total usage per month shall NOT exceed from the allocated data volume transmitted (total upload and download usage). This is to ensure that no subscriber can congest the bandwidth at all times.

8.           If subscribers are found to be in violation of this policy, we may, at XOX option and discretion manage subscriber’s bandwidth, suspend, or terminate the Services (with or without notice as XOX may consider appropriate)

9.           To   report any illegal   or    unacceptable    use   of    the    services,    please    send    an    email to enquiries@XOX.com.my.

10.         This Policy is supplemental and shall be read together as an integral part of terms and conditions of governing the Services and its relevant addendum. If there is any inconsistency between the Policy and the terms and conditions of the Services, the terms and conditions governing the Services posted on the website at www.xox.com.my will prevails.

11.         For the avoidance of doubt, the calculation that XOX uses to calculate the kilobytes for the internet data quota is as follows:

            1GB = 1,024MB

            1MB = 1,024KB

            1GB = 1,048,576KB




1.           By providing personal information obtaining the Services, Subscriber is aware and acknowledges that you have given XOX consent to collect, record, hold, store, use and disclose your personal information for purposes which are necessary or related to the provision of Services by XOX according to XOX privacy policy which is available at www.xox.com.my.

2.           The Subscriber confirms, agrees, and accepts that subscribers are aware and give consent to XOX to process personal data as defined under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and further consent that their personal data will be used and/or disclosed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010. By registering and/or continuing to use the Service, the Subscriber authorises and is deemed to have accepted and/or consented to and/or to be bound by such revisions and/or modification of XOX terms and conditions.

3.           The Subscriber accepts that XOX may be required to/may revise, amend and/or modify the Privacy Notice from time to time. In such event, such revision, amendment and/or modification will be communicated on XOX website. By continuing to use the Service after such revision, amendment and/or modification, the Subscriber accepts, agrees and consents to be bound by such revision, amendment and/or modification.




1.           XOX does not guarantee or warrant the availability of the data usage and the Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that the data usage is provided on an "as is" basis.

2.           To experience 4G LTE speed, Subscribers must use a 4G compatible device and the data service is used in an area with 4G network.

3.           Software and applications which are used by Subscribers to send and/or receive, for uploading and/or downloading of files can contain very large amounts of data. These software and applications demand a significantly huge amount of bandwidth which will negatively impact the speed and cause network congestion. As a result, a vast majority of Subscribers will be affected from degradation of the quality of Service, and as such is deemed as excessive usage. Excessive usage can also be caused by spamming, virus activities, spy wares and/or other malwares which may reside in Subscribers’ Devices. These activities may be known or unknown to Subscribers and normally operates in the background of the Devices’ operations. Therefore, Subscribers must take all precautions and rightful actions to ensure that the above activities are controlled and minimized at all times. XOX reserves the right to implement and enforce this Mobile Data Usage Policy at its sole discretion upon an occurrence of such activities.

4.           The data volume calculation shall take into consideration of ALL activities carried out by Subscribers including those knowing or unknowingly done under the Service.

5.           XOX will not throttle the Subscriber’s data irrespective of which plan the Subscriber is using.

6.           Subscribers will not be able to use the data service if their account is in Barred and/or Blocked status. Subscribers may only continue to use the Internet Service once they perform a reload by the end of the Blocked period.

7.           Where data services are provided under the Plan, the Subscriber agrees to be bound by Specific Prepaid & Black Terms and Conditions, the Fair Usage Policy and any applicable laws.

8.           Subscribers will not be able to use the data service if their account is Barred and Blocked. Subscribers may only continue to use the data service once they have paid their bills/perform top up by the end of the Blocked period.

9.           The data usage, at all times, is for personal use only and not applicable to commercial usages as well as other non-legitimate purpose to be determined by XOX.

10.         The data usage, at all times, is not for reselling/rental purpose for profit or huge and continuous information transfer that affects the other XOX’s Subscriber. For any excessive usage, or on suspicion of fraud, any illegal practice or unusual activity in respect of the Subscriber’s account with XOX, XOX at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time without being



liable to the Subscriber or any third party to discontinue, disconnect, interrupt, bar or suspend the service for such period as XOX shall deem fit.






1.           Usage of talktime is not applicable to call to special numbers such as 1300, 1700, 1800, TM100 or any other toll-free numbers, the charging rates for toll free numbers are stated below:

Toll Number

Charging Rate

Charging Block



30 seconds



30 seconds



30 seconds



30 seconds



Per call



Per call

2.           Subscribers will not be able to use the call service if their account is in Barred and Blocked status. Subscribers may only continue to use the call service once they have paid their bills /perform top- up by the end of the Blocked period.






1.           UNLIMITED calls ONLY applies to the Plan B39 PLUS20 and B39 PLUS50.

2.           You acknowledge and accept that: -

a)           UNLIMITED calls may only be used for domestic mobile/fixed On-net (XOX to XOX calls) & OFF- net usage (calls from XOX to other Service Provider).

b)           UNLIMITED calls are not applicable to video calls, call to numbers with special numbers e.g. 1300, 1700, 1800, TM100 or any other toll-free numbers, prefix number for IDD calls. Making such aforementioned calls will incur additional charges to the Subscriber.

c)           UNLIMITED calls are for standard person-to-person calls and not for any commercial and/or non-personal usage. XOX at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time without being liable to the Subscriber or any third party to discontinue, disconnect, interrupt, bar or suspend the service for such period of time as XOX shall deem fit.

d)           UNLMITED calls are not meant for multiple simultaneous calling, conference calling, re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, application-to-person communication, continuously call forwarding, auto-dialling, machine-to-machine communication (including by using your SIM card in any other devices), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs), or any other activity we consider to be non-standard usage. Refer to Clause 1 of Call Usage Policy in General Terms & Conditions for charging rates of toll-free numbers.

3.           The UNLIMITED calls are NON SHAREABLE, NON TRANSFERRABLE and cannot be carried forward.

4.           Subscribers will not be able to use the UNLIMITED calls if their account is Barred and Blocked. Subscribers may only continue to use the UNLIMITED calls service once they have paid their bills by the end of the Blocked period.

5.           Usage of the UNLIMITED calls are subjected to XOX Fair Usage Policy (FUP) found at: https://xox.com.my/xox-mobile-fair-usage-policy/







1.           ONEXOX Prepaid & BLACK subscribers will be able to use minutes in their Season Pass (Prepaid) or BLACK counter to make calls domestically to both numbers from XOX & other telecommunication service providers within Malaysia.

2.           ‘Short Call’ is a trademark feature of XOX. ONEXOX Prepaid subscribers can enjoy rates from as low as 5sen per call for the FIRST 10 seconds.

3.           The Charging Block for ONEXOX Prepaid & BLACK is 30sec/block from credit and 60sec/block from Season Pass or BLACK counter. XOX reserves the right to adjust the charging block at any time without prior notice or any liability to the Subscriber whatsoever.

4.           For plans with Unlimited Calls feature, it will be subjected to Fair Usage Policy available on www.xox.com.my




1.           Subscribers acknowledge that SMS usage will be blocked upon reaching the given numbers SMS reloaded.

2.           XOX SMS is used solely for domestic usage which is for all networks. This SMS will not be usable to send message(s) to any international number or roaming outside of Malaysia.

3.           Usage of SMS is not applicable not applicable for sending Premium SMS. Examples of Premium SMS services include, but are not limited to:

a.           Ringtones

b.           Sports scores or highlights

c.           Competitions

d.           Music clips

e.           Mobile wallpaper

f.            Games

g.           Chat services

h.           News & weather

i.            Financial data

j.            Directory enquiry services

k.           Voting (e.g. for TV reality shows)

4.           The SMS rates are stated as per the table in our website. More info can be found at https://xox.com.my/one-xox (Prepaid) and https://xox.com.my/onexox-black (BLACK).







1.           XOX E-Wallet is an electronic wallet that holds electronic money (e-money).

2.           Subscribers may use XOX E-Wallet credit for bill payment, Season Pass and Happy Hour purchase and/or any other services to be added on by XOX Mobile from time to time.

3.           The XOX E-Wallet top up is capped at Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred (RM200) and the system will not allow the excess amount to be kept. The excess of E-Wallet will be converted as airtime credit for Prepaid Subscribers. Meanwhile, the excess for E-Wallet will turn as bill payment Black Subscribers.

4.           XOX has the discretion to utilize the subscriber’s E-wallet balance to offset amounts due and payable for any XOX Products or Services which remains outstanding under the subscriber’s account.

5.           In the event when subscribers want to terminate or port out their Prepaid or BLACK account, subscribers may request a refund for the E-Wallet balance amount. The E-Wallet balance will be refunded within 14 working days from the date of successful refund request.

6.           Upon subscriber’s termination of the service, XOX reserves the right to use Subscribers’ E- Wallet balance to reduce / settle any outstanding balance.

7.           There is no fee imposed for using XOX E-Wallet unless indicated otherwise.





Subscriber’s use of the Service shall be subject to the terms and conditions of XOX Fair Usage Policy, Voice Call Usage Policy, Mobile Data Usage Policy, Personal Data Usage Policy, and other policies which may be added from time to time (collectively, referred to as “Policy”). XOX reserves the right to manage the allocated bandwidth including but not limited to reducing Subscriber’s surf speed, suspend or terminate their bandwidth to the internet service in accordance with XOX Policy.


Last Updated on 8th September 2021