Switch Now via Online & get 1GB! (MNP Promotion – Online)

XOX Mobile Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as “XOX”) is organizing a Campaign called “Switch Now via Online & get 1GB!” (hereinafter referred to as “the Campaign” which will be governed by these standard terms and conditions, and accompanying Campaign details (collectively the “Terms”). Subscribers agree that he/ she has read and understood these Terms and by their conversion during this campaign, each subscriber agrees to be bound by the Terms. All subscribers are also aware and agree that XOX shall reserve the right to notice.

    1. This Campaign shall commence from 26th August 2014 until 31st September 2014 (hereinafter referred to as “Promotion Period”).
    1. This Campaign is open to all residents of Malaysia and other Telco users.
    2. Subscribers who are below the age of eighteen (18) are required to obtain parental/guardian approval to take part in the Campaign.
    1. To be eligible for this Promotion, you must perform Mobile Number Portability (MNP) conversion via the Online Store at http://xox.com.my/onlinestore/hopon/ during the campaign period.
    2. In order to redeem FREE 1GB, you must click the “Yes” button during the registration stage and agree to the terms that you are not allowed to convert to any other mobile operator within Six (6) months upon MNP conversion. In the event that the principal line agrees to this term, the sub-line(s) that is under this principal line shall automatically agree to this term, by default.
    1. The Subscribers who have successfully converted to XOX will get their free 1GB of data within Seven (7) working days.
    1. By participating in the Campaign, the subscriber has expressly agreed and consented XOX to publish, advertise, print, display or in any way make public their details, images, photos, interviews, videos and comments on XOX’s Facebook page and on any other promotional activity and materials as XOX deems fit and for an unlimited period of time and the subscriber shall not make any claim against XOX for any payment or compensation in respect thereof.
    2. By participating in this Campaign, the subscriber expressly consent to XOX retaining their personal details or any data in accordance to XOX’s policy on data protection in force. XOX’s data protection policy may be found at www.xox.com.my.
    3. By participating in this Campaign, the subscriber warrants that any entry, article, picture, comment, video or any work that is protected by intellectual property right submitted by them does not infringe any intellectual property rights of a third party.
    4. By participating in this Campaign, the subscriber expressly consent that the intellectual property rights therein shall be owned by XOX.
    1. XOX shall not be responsible for the refusal of any merchants or content providers to accept the Service or for any defect or deficiency in the goods or services supplied to the Customer by any merchant. Any complaint by the Customer must be resolved directly with the merchant or content providers concerned and no claim against the merchant or content providers may be set-off or counter-claimed against XOX. Furthermore, the Customer agrees to be liable for the amounts incurred and will not withhold payment to XOX on account of any such complaint or under any circumstances whatsoever.
    1. If any provision of these terms and conditions are held unenforceable, then such provision shall be modified to reflect XOX’s intention. All remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain in full force and in effect.
    1. XOX reserves the right to modify or terminate the Campaign for any reason, without notice, at any time. XOX also reserves the right to alter the provisions of these terms and conditions regarding the Campaign at any time without further or prior notification to the participants.
    1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Malaysian Law and Court of Malaysia have jurisdiction over all matters arising from this Campaign.
  10. OTHERS
    1. You may log on to http://xox.com.my website to view further details of the MNP terms and conditions after the conversion.