Online MNP T&C

The terms and conditions of this Addendum will apply to online request to port into XOX Mobile (“XOX”) network from your existing network service provider (“Donor Operator”).By accessing and accepting these terms and conditions, you are deemed to have read, understand and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in Instruction Page;

  1. Utilization of the services
    1. Mobile number(s) that you wish to apply for porting must be within the range of mobile number(s) approved by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Communication (MCMC), subject however, to the existing geographic numbering requirements;
    2. Pursuant to MCMC rules and guidelines, one person with valid NRIC Number (I/C) is entitled to register 10 Mobile Numbers to port in to XOX.
    3. For port-in application via online portal, you must upload correct Identification Card (I/C) image as per Identification Card Number (I/C No.) that you registered. Please note that maximum of I/C image size is capped at 2MB, if there any image size exceed 2MB will result failed upload, you must re-upload I/C image that less than 2MB to proceed application.
    4. XOX will verify your I/C image and match with Identification Card Number (I/C No). If you have submitted incorrect I/C image, XOX will proceed contact your registered personal contact number to inform and request you to re-submit a correct I/C image for the application. XOX will proceed to reject your port in application subjected condition(s) or scenario(s) stated below:
    5. – If we unable contact you due to your registered personal contact was incorrect, you were at no network coverage area, and you were at out of Malaysia country.

      – Upon we contacted you and advised you to re-submit correct I/C image for application, you shall provide correct I/C image within seven (7) days from registration date.

    6. Upon receiving your application and successful payment, XOX will courier the SIM Card to you within 3-5 working days.
    7. You may check the status of your porting request via on-line Mobile Number Portability (MNP) on-line screen from time to time.
    8. After you received the Welcome Letter and SIM Card from XOX, you will need to log on to to verify your details and complete the “Verification” process within 30 days.
    9. After the Verification period, the system will terminate the order, all the payments will be forfeited and the Sim Card will be invalid.
    10. XOX will process your application for mobile number porting between one (1) to three (3)days, however subject to the approval by the donor operator. Should there be any delay by the Donor Operator or XOX for any reason whatsoever, the processing period may exceed the time stipulated herein;
    11. You may experience service disruption when your existing mobile number is switched over from the Donor Operator to XOX’s network. Should you experience any service disruption, you are advised to call our Customer Careline at 03-79551388 or e-mail to
    12. Any remaining credit in your prepaid mobile number will forfeited by the Donor Operator upon successful activation of your service by XOX;
    13. All services inclusive of value added services (VAS) associated with your SIM and mobile number(s) provided by the Donor Operator will be terminated upon successful activation of your service by XOX;
    14. Your mobile number(s) request for porting shall be subject to approval from the Donor Operator and you will be liable for the new plans/lines subscribed with XOX;
    15. If the mobile number(s) which you requested for porting, is rejected by the Donor Operator or the port failed for any reason whatsoever, you are required to settle the issue with Donor Operator and thereafter, you can request a re-submission of the porting request and send the correct info through email:
    16. Without limitation to the foregoing, XOX has the sole discretion to cancel the outstanding port request in the event of your porting request have been outstanding more than 30 days from the day of the port request and forfeit any payments received by XOX.

  2. Obligation of the Subscriber
    1. You shall be responsible for identifying supplementary lines or mobile numbers including but not limited to fax and data numbers as well that you wish to port along with the principal lines;
    2. You hereby agree and undertake to XOX that you are the registered user of the mobile number/s and/or authorized principals for all the supplementary lines (if any);
    3. You shall be solely responsible for all charges incurred by Donor Operator, including but not limited to any and all outstanding payments and penalties charges due and imposed to you by the Donor Operator. In the event there is still non-payment of the outstanding charges owing by you to the Donor Operator, your HopOn request will fail.

  3. Refund
    1. No refund shall be made for any rejection, cancellation, unsuccessful or withdrawal of the porting request due to any reason whatsoever.

  4. Fee Charges
    1. XOX may impose a delivery fee for every application for online porting request, which shall be refunded to subscriber with an additional airtime upon successful port-in.

  5. Limitation of Liability
    1. XOX is not liable for any act or omission not attributable to XOX’s personnel, computer system, software, program, process, or electronic system or equipment and is liable only to the extent of involved access and usage charges for any defect, error or omission in the Service rendered.
    2. XOX shall not be responsible for any third party liabilities/ injuries caused by any defect in the Equipment.
    3. In no event whether for breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or otherwise shall XOX be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits or revenues, cost of capital, cost of substitute products, facilities or services, downtime costs, any change or modification of any such computer system, software, program, process, or electronic system in relation to any such data change or claims of Subscribers for such damages.
    4. If a Subscriber reports the loss or theft of the SIM, the Subscriber liability towards payment of Tariff for calls made under these circumstances shall extend till the Subscriber reports the loss or theft of the SIM along with the copy of First Information Report (F.I.R) from the police to XOX and thereafter XOX shall within reasonable time deactivate the same. Until such deactivation the Subscriber shall be liable to pay the Tariff towards the usage.
    5. XOX shall not be responsible and/or liable for any and all losses, damages and/or misappropriation arising from termination of your services with Donor Operator and you shall hold XOX harmless from any liability arising thereof;

  6. Termination
    1. XOX is entitled to, without any liability whatsoever to refuse, limit, suspend, vary or disconnect the Service, in whole or in part, at any time, in its sole discretion, with respect to one/all Subscribers for any reason which is found reasonable by XOX, including, but not limited to the following: MCMC’s rules, regulations, orders, directions, notifications, etc. including changes thereto prohibiting and/or suspending the rendering of such Services.
      1. Breach of any term or conditions of this Agreement by the Subscriber.
      2. Any other reason, which is found to be reasonable by XOX warranting suspension/disconnection.
      3. Force Majeure circumstances (i.e. Acts of God).
      4. If Service is used in any manner, which violates any law etc. or adversely affects or intervenes in any manner, the rendering of Services by XOX.
    2. XOX reserves the right to reject any application of any person desired to become the Subscriber of XOX in case of incomplete and, or, incorrect information and documentation or failure to qualify the terms and conditions laid down by XOX and any Government and regulatory body.
    3. The Subscriber may terminate the Services by giving XOX one month’s notice to this effect in writing. The Subscriber is however responsible for payment of outstanding Tariff for the period during which Service was rendered. Although no notice is mandatory, an SMS message sent or call warning notified to the Subscriber on the mobile number or any other verbal or written communication shall be construed as due notice in this regard.
    4. Upon termination of the Services the Subscriber shall return the SIM to XOX and until the SIM is returned to XOX the Subscriber shall be liable to pay the Tariff and other charges specified by XOX.

  7. Personal Information
    1. You agree that by using the services, you are giving consent to XOX that the information collected by XOX from XOX (hereinafter “Personal Information”) will be used and/or disclosed in accordance to our Privacy Notice as posted on our website at and Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
    2. We may use your personal information for planning, research, design and marketing of services (including reward program), rendering assistance to law enforcement, government or regulatory agencies, or complying with any applicable laws or any order of Court. Your personal information will be solely used back for your own individual identity.

  8. Modifications
    1. XOX reserves the rights to change, amend and alter any part of this Addendum including the terms and conditions without prior notice to you and you hereby agree to be bound by such changes, amendments and alteration.

  9. Disclaimer
    1. The Service is provided on an “AS IS” basis without any representation or warranties of any kind whether express or implied. XOX, its related and affiliated corporations disclaim and exclude all warranties relating to or in connection with the Service including but not limited to, all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.
    2. XOX, its related and affiliated corporations do not warrant that the Service will be uninterruptedor error free, that defects will be corrected, or that the website or the server, third party orotherwise, that makes it available are free of viruses or bugs or represents the full functionality,accuracy, reliability of the materials.
    3. In no event shall XOX, its related and affiliated corporations be liable to you or anyone else forany loss or injury or any direct, indirect, special, exemplary, consequential damages, or anydamages whatsoever including but not limited to loss of use, data, revenue or profits, whether inaction of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with youraccess, use of, or your inability to access or use the Service.

  10. Indemnity
    1. You agree to indemnity and hold XOX, its related and affiliated corporations harmless against any costs, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, judgements, expenses, losses and liabilities of whatsoever nature incurred or suffered by, or brought, made or recovered against XOX, its related and affiliated corporations arising out of or in connection with your (a) use of the Service; and/or (b) breach of these terms and conditions by you.

  11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
    1. These terms and conditions are subject to interpretation in accordance with the laws of Malaysia. Any dispute in relation to the use of the Service shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Malaysian courts.