Last updated: 03 August 2017

This important document sets out your and our rights and duties to each other. Read this document carefully and keep it for your records. You must contact XOX if you do not understand any part of this document.


In these Terms of Use, the following words have the meaning set out beside them:

“XOX”, “We”, “our”, “us” means XOX COM Sdn. Bhd., a company incorporated in Malaysia bearing registration number 709922-X and having its business office located at Lot 8.1.8th Floor, Menara Lien Hoe,No:8, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. XOX is duly licensed by the Bank Negara Malaysia to operate as an Electronic Money Institution in terms of the Financial Services Act 2010 );

“e-Wallet” means the electronic money service offered by XOX to its subscribers, a virtual mobile wallet for cashless transactions such as money transfer, airtime transfer, bill payment and purchases. An e-Wallet opened for you with XOX for subscribing to the Service;

“Customer Service” or “Customer Service Team” means those individuals employed by XOX responsible for its customer service function who may be contacted at any time via our contact page.

“Fees” means any and all Fees and charges levied by XOX for your use of the e-Wallet and its services.

“Fees Table” or “Fees Schedule” means a schedule of Fees published on our website from time to time;

“Member/You/Customer/Client” means any person who meets all eligibility requirements set out in these Terms of Use;

“Merchant” means any commercial or business entity that is validly registered with XOX;

“Selfcare” means the self-managed portals to manage your own e-Wallet for XOX subscriber;

“MyXOX” means the self-managed mobile application to manage your own e-Wallet for XOX subscriber

“Activation” or “Activated” means the point in time when the Services is activated in XOX’s System;

“Agreement” means this Terms and Conditions including any amendments and variations to the Terms and Conditions;

“Available Balance” means the equivalent of physical money which has the same par value in the System, which you can use at any given time subject to the limits herein imposed;

“Bank” means the authorized Bank appointed by XOX to act as remittance agent for the Service;

“Bank Negara Malaysia” means the Central Bank of Malaysia;

“Deposit” means the deposit of money in the e-Wallet in exchange for the Service via payment gateway Channels designated by XOX;

“Transaction” means the e-Wallet transaction performed by you via the service including but not limited to purchase or payment for goods or services, deposit, or refund service;

“Service Fee” means the commission and / or transaction charges payable by you for the utilisation of the Service (over and above the cost of the goods and services provided, if any) ;

“Refund” means the request refund for any Transaction completed under the Service;

“Withdrawal” means the withdraw from e-Wallet;

“XOX System” means the telecommunication system utilized by XOX in providing the service including the payment system platform commissioned by XOX to facilitate the payment of goods, products and services under the Service;

“Content” means any contest, java games, information text, sound, music, software, photographs, videos, graphics, data messages or other materials received by you including but not limited to VAS.

“Current Balance” means the balance available in your e-Wallet for your usage of the Service. For the avoidance of doubt, the amount reflected as the Current Balance shall include amounts deducted for pending transactions. You may check the balance in your E-Wallet through the Get Balance service option via USSD;

“MSISDN” means the mobile number assigned to you by XOX;

“Prepaid” means the prepaid products and services offered by XOX;

“Postpaid” means the postpaid products and services offered by XOX;

“e-Wallet limit” means the limit per Transaction imposed by Bank Negara Malaysia for the Service in the sum of Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred Only (RM200) unless otherwise informed by XOX. XOX reserves the right to amend the Wallet limit in accordance with the allowable limits set by Bank Negara Malaysia, you are not allowed to exceed thee-Wallet Limit per Transaction;

“Value Added Service” or “VAS” means additional functions, features or facilities which are currently available or will be made available by XOX from time to time and may be subscribed to and/or used by you in connection with the Service to enable you to access and use information, data, content, WAP and other interactive applications and/or services over the internet and/or intranet;

“USSD” Unstructured Supplementary Service Data;

“Electronic payment means” an e-commerce payment system facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions as defined in the Payment Systems Act 2005 by Bank Negara Malaysia

“Validity” means your e-Wallet validity is followed by the Postpaid/Prepaid validity;

“e-Wallet Service” means the electronic money issuer and transfer service provided by XOX;

“You” or “Your” means the person who is authorized to use the Service subject to these Terms and Conditions herein;