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I lost my mobile phone, what should I do?

You can call our Customer Careline at 1300-888-010 to bar your phone. Then, you need to visit your nearest XOX Care Centre to obtain your SIM Card replacement.

What if my mobile phone is found after I have reported the loss to XOX?

You need to call our Customer Careline at 1300-888-010 to unbarred the line.

What are the charges if I wish to replace my SIM Card?

For faulty SIM Cards, a replacement can be issued without any charge. For lost or stolen SIM Cards, a fee of RM10 will be imposed.

Why is my SIM Card blocked?

It could be damaged, broken or a wrong PUK code was entered.

What should I do when I see the words “SIM Card Rejected”?

Insert your SIM Card into another handset and try again. If problem still persists, visit your nearest XOX Care Centre, where you can obtain a new SIM Card (with your phone number unchanged).

I see “PUK” on my mobile phone, what should I do?

You need to call to our Customer Careline at 1300-888-010 or visit the XOX Care Centre nearest to you, where you can obtain your 8-digit PUK Code. You will be required to dial the 8-digit PUK code on your mobile and re-select a new PIN number. Note: entering the wrong PUK number for 5 times will completely block your SIM card.

Why am I unable to send SMS?

Please ensure that in your phone message settings, the center number shown shall be +60193900039. If you are still facing difficulties in sending SMS, please call our Customer Careline at 12273 or 1300-888-010 for further assistance.

What is the latest XOX Mobile Internet Plans or promotion? How to subscribe?

You can check our latest promotion and subscription command by click here.

How to check my data quota usage?

Please click logon to our selfcare to view your latest quota usage.

I already subscribed to your Mobile Internet Plan but I am unable to connect to the internet.

Please check your phone APN setting by following these steps.

  • Step 1: Go to Phone Settings > Mobile Network > Access Point Name
  • Step 2: Choose “Add a New APN”
  • Step 3: Change the Name and APN to XOX and tap save
  • Step 4: Select the XOX APN you’ve created
  • Step 5: Restart your Mobile Phone

If the problem still exist, please contact our customer care agent at 12273.

How to check my prepaid balance?

Please dial *150# for ONEXOX plan easy menu. For other prepaid plans, please dial *132# to check your latest account balance, or key in BAL and send to 28899.

I am XOX subscriber, where can I get Top-Up my account?

You can buy a top-up card from any authorised dealer in the form of:

  • Top-Up Card / Voucher at any XOX Authorised Dealers
  • Electronic Code / Top-Up Slip at
  • Top-Up through XOX Self-Care Portal