Q1: How much will the prepaid SIM starter pack cost after Service Tax is implemented?
A1: Purchase of prepaid SIM starter pack is already inclusive of service tax, you will not be further charged when you register a new prepaid number, as there is no registration fee.

Q2: Are all Top-Ups subject to Service Tax?
A2: All physical or online reload top-ups will NOT be charged for Service Tax.

Q3: Will there be Service Tax charges for Season Pass or Happy Hour purchase?
A3: There will be NO charges for Season Pass or Happy Hour purchase.

Q4: If I am a non-Malaysian, will I be exempted from paying for the Service Tax for prepaid Top-Ups?
A4: No, Service Tax 6% will still be charged for Top-Ups performed by non-Malaysian registrant.


Q1: What will happen to my ONEXOX BLACK bill after 1 September 2018?
A1: In ONEXOX BLACK bill, taxable charges up to 31st Aug 2018 are still subject to GST at zero rate (0%), whereas taxable charges related to 1 September 2018 onwards will be subjected to service tax at 6%.

Q2: Will customers be charged service tax during the ONEXOX BLACK registration?
A2: No, service tax is not chargeable upon the ONEXOX BLACK registration. The 6% service tax is only chargeable in customer’s monthly bill.

Q3: What are the taxable items in customers ONEXOX BLACK bill?

A3: 6% service tax is applicable to items or services that are provided by ONEXOX such as Monthly Charges, Usage in Calls and SMS (Domestic/International/Roaming), Data Add On, Season Pass & Happy Hour purchase and Value Added Services (VAS).

Q4: What are the FREEBIES that I will receive and how?
A4: Minutes (voice call to all network) will be credited to your BLACK account according to the Services Tax of your bill. You will get ONE (1) minute for every RM0.15 of Service Tax that charge to your bill. Once the freebies credited into to your BLACK account, you will receive a notification (SMS). You will receive the freebies up until 31 December 2018.

Using Reload Voucher to Make Payment for BLACK

Effective 1 September 2018, the 6% Service Tax Charges implementation is charged into the Monthly Bill. Hence, customers will receive FULL credit upon every successful reload for BLACK.
Reload Black

Q1: Will there be any impact upon the customer performs a top up with a prepaid reload voucher?
A1: No. Customers will receive the full amount upon successful reload into BLACK account.