Season Pass PLUS (SP+)

What is Season Pass PLUS (SP+)?

Season Pass PLUS (SP+) is a new Season Pass plan that gives you more benefits than before! You can now enjoy more options, more savings and even more convenient. Unlike other prepaid/postpaid plans, you don’t have to worry about your unused data, talk time and SMS being burned or wasted every month. They can be carried forward and even shared with everyone! Besides, you also save the trouble of needing to repurchase the plan as it is on auto-renewal basis just like postpaid plans!

Who is eligible to subscribe to this Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan?

All active XOX prepaid subscribers

Where can I purchase this plan?

You can purchase via the following methods below:

  • Via SMS (Existing Subscriber): Send subscription code of the selected plan to 23388 or 22111
  • Via Easy Menu (Existing Subscriber) : Dial *150# to subscribe to the plan
  • Via SelfCare (Existing Subscriber) : Login to SelfCare to subscribe.
  • Via Online Store (New Subscriber) : Visit to our Online Store to subscribe.
  • How many times can I purchase this Season Pass PUS (SP+) plan?

    You may purchase to ONE monthly renewable SP+ plan at any point of time.

    Can I change to another Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan if I currently have an active subscription of a SP+ plan?

    Yes, you may! All you need to do is to send SP CHGPLUS to 23388. Your new SP+ plan will be activated only when the existing Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan expires.


  • change to SP PLUS30 : SP CHGPLUS30
  • change to SP PLUS50 : SP CHGPLUS50
  • change to SP PLUS60 : SP CHGPLUS60
  • You will get the FREE items of your new Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan automatically when your new Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan is activated

    Will Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan be automatically renewed when the validity expires?

    One thing that makes this Season Pass PLUS (SP+) so special is that it will be automatically renewed every month! All you need is to make sure there is sufficient credit balance in your account so that we can help to renew the plan for you

    Will I be notified of my monthly auto-renewal status?

    Yes. You will receive an SMS notification on your renewal status; whether it is successful or not. If it has failed, you may want to check the account to make sure your account is active and has sufficient balance

    Is there any condition for me to get the FREE items in my Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan?

    As long as your plan auto renews every month, you will get the FREE items on every renewal date! However, if you cancel your auto-renewal and the next time you repurchase the same plan again, you may not be entitled for one month of FREE items. But, don’t worry! Just make sure you have enough credit balance for your plan to renew successfully every month, so that you can constantly receive FREE benefits every month! Yes it’s that simple!

    What happens if my Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan fails to auto-renew?

    If your auto-renewal fails, you will not able receive Season Pass data including the FREE items. You may re-subscribe to continue to enjoy this superb saving Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan

    If I do not want the plan to auto renew, can I stop the auto-renewal?

    Yes, you can. You may choose to stop auto-renewal for this superb saving plan. If you choose to cancel the auto-renewal, send SP AR OFF to 23388. It will not auto-renew on the next renewal cycle

    Saving tips: Try not to cancel auto-renewal to constantly get FREE benefits every month. Just keep your auto-renewal on!

    If I terminate the auto-renewal of my Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan, can I continue to use the data until the end of its validity?

    Yes, you may continue using your data as long as you have not exceeded your monthly data quota.

    What happens if I finish using the data quota? Will I be charged pay-per-use charges?

    There is NO pay-per-use charge. “What you see is what you get!” is always our practice. If you need more data, you may subscribe to our add-on plans and it will be deducted from your Season Pass counter

    Where will my data, SMS and minutes from this Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan be stored?

    The items in the Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan will all be stored in your Season Pass that can be carried forward or even shared with any XOX subscribers.

    Can I use my Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan’s mobile data, SMS and voice immediately upon my plan subscription?

    Yes. You may share with any XOX MOBILE subscribers.

    Things to note:

    A. Multiple items sharing is allowed in a single share command SMS.

    B. Sender will be charged RM0.50 for each successful sharing SMS.

    C. Maximum 3 sharing per day.

    D. Maximum sharing limit per SMS: Unlimited minutes, unlimited SMS, 10GB data.

    How can I check my remaining mobile data/SMS/minutes in Season Pass counter?

    Via Easy Menu – XOX Prepaid subscribers: You may check via Easy Menu by dial *132#

    Via SMS – For XOX Prepaid subscribers: Send BAL / SP BAL to 23388 ; For ONEXOX Prepaid subscribers: Send SP BAL to 23388/22111

    Can I use the data, SMS and minutes from Season Pass PLUS (SP+) plan when I am roaming abroad?

    No. The items in your plan (data, SMS and minutes) are only available in Malaysia.

    If I still have active SP PLUS subscription, will my SP+ plan discontinued?

    No. You can continue enjoy auto-renewal for your SP PLUS subscription every month as long as you have sufficient prepaid credit in your account at the point of renewal.

    If I wish to re-subscribe for SP PLUS on 1st May 2018?

    Sorry, you will not able to do so. SP PLUS is no longer available from 1st May 2018 onwards, but we have something better for you! Just upgrade your prepaid plan to the monthly BLACK plan now to enjoy seamless data surfing. Yea! You can keep….keep…keep…. carrying forward all your data and calls to next month, and another month easily!
    To get to know more about the plan of BLACK, click HERE

    I’ve overlooked on having sufficient credit for my prepaid, such as I have failed to auto-renew my SP PLUS on 30th May 2018. Can I re-subscribe to SP PLUS?

    Unfortunately, you will not able re-subscribe to SP PLUS, it has discontinued from 1st May 2018.

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