FAQ Categories – Season Pass FAQ

What is the new Season Pass about?

New Season Pass gives our subscribers FATTER data, combo, and voice packages. They are:

season pass table

Who is eligible to purchase?

All active XOX MOBILE prepaid subscribers

NOTE:(Note: ONEXOX plan, prepaidplus, High Speed Pack, Penang #1758, United Pack, XinXun plan)

When will the new Season Pass packages be available for purchase?

Effective from 25/5/2017 12:00am until further notice.

How many times can I purchase?

You can purchase as MANY as you want.

How to purchase Season Pass?

There are a few options.


a.) Send subscription code of their selected package to 23388 or 22111

b.) USSD Easy Menu – Dial *150# to subscribe/activate their selected package

c.) Online store – Login and purchase via credit card or online banking

d.) MyXOX App – Available on Google Play store and Apple AppStore

Which Season Pass plans will be no longer available?

Season Pass plans that will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE and will be replaced with ABOVE FATTER PLANS effective from 25/5/2017.

season pass table 2

Can I share MINUTES, DATA and SMS credits in Season Pass counter to my friends & family who are XOX MOBILE subscribers as well?

Yes. In fact you can share with any other XOX MOBILE subscribers, not limit to only friends and family. (RM0.50 will be charge to SENDER for each successful sharing.)


a. For ONEXOX subscribers, the sharing of Season Pass RM0.50 charges will be deducted from MA first, and then DA.

b. Multiple items sharing is ALLOWED in single share command SMS and will be only charge RM0.50 for successful sharing. Eg: Share 0103333010 D1 V50 S100 1234. (to share 1GB | 50 Mins | 100 SMS)

What is the maximum sharing limit per day

Subscribers can share maximum 3 times a day (single or multiple of Season Pass counter). Please refer to below sharing matrix.

Season Pass sharing matrix

A-Number B-Number RESULT
Dregline Dregline Unlimited Sharing
Dregline Subscriber Unlimited Sharing
Subscriber Dregline Blocked
Subscriber Subscriber 3 times/day

What happen if subscribers have reached their sharing limit?

Subscribers can share again on the next day.

What is the validity period?

The validity period shall follow your current prepaid subscription end date and time.

What is the charging block for Season Pass minute?

The charging block of your talktime usage via Season Pass minute is 60 seconds.

Once I have purchased MINUTES or SMS when will the consumption period begin?

The consumption period will begin immediately upon successful purchase and subscription of Season Pass and right upon your next voice call (LOCAL ONLY (example: +60)) or outgoing text message (LOCAL ONLY (not include sms short code, example: 6XXXX)).


a. For voice call to any Malaysia toll free number (1300 or 1800), it will deduct your available airtime instead of Season Pass minutes.

b. IDD will be as normal pay-per-use consumption via normal airtime deduction.

Once I have purchased Data when will the consumption period begin?

The consumption period will begin upon your next data usage/consumption eg when you purchase Data Package SP D1 (20GB) it will be stored in your Season Pass account, it will only be deducted once you have commenced with NEW data activation (daily, weekly, or monthly data plan).

*XOX Prepaid subscribers (#prepaidplus, High Speed Pack, Penang #1758, United Pack, XOX XinXun plan, ONEXOX, ONEMusic) have to follow current data subscription command i.e. DATA FAT1, DATA FAT2, DATA FAT5, DATA FAT10.

NOTE: Current Data Promo package is NOT allowed to consume from Season Pass. Once you activate Data Promo, it will deduct from your airtime as per normal behaviour.

If my prepaid account status is in barred, can I still consume Season Pass counters?

No. You’re not able to consume any from the Season Pass counters (minute, SMS, and data).You have to top-up to remain active to avoid service interruptions.

How can we check the balance of Season Pass counters?

a. Via USSD – XOX Prepaid subscribers: You may check via USSD menu (*132#)

b. Via SMS – For XOX Prepaid subscribers: Send BAL / SP BAL to 23388 ; For ONEXOX Prepaid subscribers: Send SP BAL to 23388/22111

c. Via MyXOX app – Log in/Sign up > My Account > Account/Profile

How can I retrieve my PIN code if I’ve forgotten?

XOX Prepaid subscribers: Send PIN to 23388.

ONEXOX subscribers: Send PIN to 22111.

Is there any Season Pass user guide that we can follow?

XOX Prepaid subscribers: Send HELP to 23388.

ONEXOX subscribers: Send HELP to 22111/23388.

What is Season Pass Happy Hour?

Season Pass Happy Hour is a flash promotion happen randomly from 12pm – 12 midnight, the package may vary.