FAQ Categories – Postpaid FAQ

Who can subscribe to XOX Postpaid?

Individuals using personal name.

Can a company subscribe to XOX Postpaid?

Yes, company can subscribe with supporting documents to XOX Headquarter (phase 2).

What is the minimum age to sign up XOX Postpaid?

18 years old.

Is there deposit and advance payment for main and supplementary line?

Yes. 1 month deposit and 1 month advance payment + 6% GST. (Additional advance payment may be required for phone bundling package)

Is the advance payment refundable?

Non-refundable, advance payment will offset against the first month’s bill.

Is there a limit to the number of lines that a subscriber can subscribe?

You may sign up multiple lines with same IC & credit/debit card. You are only allowed to sign under same introducer directly. You are not allowed to sign under a different introducer.

Can foreigner subscribe to XOX Postpaid?

Yes. A foreigner with valid passport, bank account and credit / debit card can subscribe with additional RM500 deposit plus 1 month deposit and 1 month advance payment + 6% GST.

Can foreigner subscribe to Supplementary line?

Yes. A foreigner with valid passport, bank account and credit / debit card can subscribe supplementary line with additional RM500 deposit plus 1 month deposit and 1 month advance payment + 6% GST.

How many supplementary lines can a principal line subscribe to?

You can subscribe a maximum of 5 supplementary lines.

How long does it take to activate a new line?

Activation on the same day for registration before 2pm. Lines registered after 2pm will be activated on the next working day.

Can I MNP (Mobile Network Portability) port in /switch to XOX Postpaid?

Yes, you can switch to XOX Postpaid provided that you have no contract with other Telcos or paid all outstanding balance with your existing operator.

If I have 1 main line and 3 supplementary lines can I just port in the main line?

No. You have to port in all the 4 lines into XOX. The main line number and sup line numbers will remain the same in XOX.

How long does it take for a successful port in?

It usually takes 3 working days provided all criteria are met. Please note that there will be no down time.

What should I do if MNP is not successful?

Please check with your existing operator if you have any outstanding balance, contract period or incorrect information. Then resubmit the subscription once again.

What is COBP?

COBP stands for Change of Bill Plan. It means you can switch existing XOX prepaid plans, XOX Lifestyle plans, XOX Hybrid plans to XOX Postpaid 50/100/150 plans.

Is the COBP process same with MNP?

No. There will be some down time (no connection / network) during the cross-over from existing XOX prepaid, lifestyle, hybrid plans to XOX Postpaid. The down time will be approximately 15 minutes.

What is CUG?

CUG stands for Close User Group. You can select up to 5 numbers (all networks & fixed line except 1300 & 1800) to enjoy FREE allocation call.

Can we change the number allocated in CUG?

Yes. You may change the CUG numbers with charges apply. (RM1 per change)

If I have fully utilised CUG allocation minutes, can I still make call to CUG numbers?

Yes, once the CUG minutes are fully utilised, you will be charged at normal call rate according to your plan subscribed.

How much credit limit for principle and supplementary lines?

All principle lines will be given 3 times credit limit of the plan subscribed. Supplementary Line credit limit is RM50.

Can I increase/decrease credit limits?

Request to increase or decrease credit limit is not based on the rate plan; but based on customer’s usage. The approval will depend on XOX current credit assessment procedures. However, do note that decreasing the credit limit too low might result in premature barring.

What’s the requirement to sign up XOX Postpaid?

You must sign up Postpaid plan with at least 24 months contract and Auto Debit (Visa or Master only) feature.

If I do not have Credit/Debit Card, can I sign up XOX Postpaid?

You may apply a Credit/Debit Card from your bank. Or you can also sign up using a third party’s credit/debit card with his/her authorization.

If I am XOX Postpaid User, can I let my family members / friend use my debit/credit card to register XOX Postpaid?

Yes. One debit/credit card is only limited to 3 times use for Postpaid subscription. Example: One for user’s main line and 2 times to use for family members and/or friends.

What is 10 days Cooling Off period?

Subscriber is allowed to terminate line within the 10 days cooling off period. After the 10 days, subscriber is bind into 24 months contract period.

During the cooling off period, I realise the line is not satisfactory at my home area. What should I do?

You can lodge a report to XOX Careline.

Can I get money refund during cooling off period?

Yes, it’s Money Back Guarantee within 10 days starting from Activation Date and with consumption of not more than 100MB, 20 minutes and 20 SMS. If exceeded the allocation quota, subscriber is required make pro-rated payment for line cancelation. (Example : For Pro108 plan terminate after 5 days but exceed allocated quota – RM100/30days X 5days = RM16.70.

How to do termination?

You can either walk in to XOX Service Centre or call in to XOX Careline.

How do I MNP port out to other Telco?

Any request for MNP port out to other Telco, the amount due (outstanding bill) have to be paid. Your current bill will be pro-rated and you will get the bill statement by next billing cycle. XOX will charge the final payment from the debit/credit card. If subscriber failed to settle outstanding, XOX reserve the right to take further action.

How much is the penalty for early termination?

RM300 for early termination within 24 months. The monthly fee will be calculated as pro-rated using below formula.
= (Monthly Plan Commitment / Month Days) X Number of days has been spent

What’s the billing cycle date for XOX Postpaid?

There are 4 billing cycle dates, 1st,8th, 15th and 22nd.

If my activation date is on the 6th, when will be my first bill due?

Due on 8th. of the next month. The first bill is always more than 30 days.

How do I pay bill every month?

With Auto Debit feature, your bill will be automatically deducted via credit card or debit from your bank account after billing statement issued. This will save you RM8/month.

If I reached my credit limit during weekend, how do I make payment?

Subscriber need to call in to Customer Service and request to make payment using MOTO payment method.

How do I view my bill statement?

You can log on to https://selfcare.xox.com.my/SelfCare/Login to view your monthly itemised (free) bill statement. You can also subscribe hardcopy itemized billing statement with RM3/month.

How do I unbar my line if exceeded credit limit or failed to make bill payment?

Call to XOX Careline(12273 or 1300-888-010) request to make full settlement with your debit/credit card. Or you can change to another valid debit/credit card for coming auto billing feature.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan package?

You can upgrade the plan package without paying penalty fee. But if you would like to downgrade the plan package, you are required to pay RM300 penalty.

Let’s say I upgraded the plan, will it affect the contract period?

Yes, when you upgraded the plan from Super 58 to Pro 158. Your contract period will be renewed from the date of new package activation.

How do I subscribe for Roaming Service?

  • If you use XOX Postpaid not more than 6 months, you are required to pay RM200 deposit to switch on Roaming Service. Please call customer service and RM200 will be deducted from your credit / debit card straight away.
  • The RM200 deposit will be kept and only returned when you terminate your line with XOX.
  • If you use XOX Postpaid more than 6 months, Roaming Service will automatically switch on.
  • For Data Roaming service is currently not available.
  • For IDD Rates log on to http://xox.com.my/plans/idd/

Is there charges for simcard replacement?

Yes. You need to pay RM10.00.