FAQ Categories – Mobile Internet Plan FAQ

What is XOX Mobile Data Plan?

XOX Mobile Data Plan is a prepaid mobile internet subscription service for your mobile phone.

What can I do with the XOX Mobile Data Plan?

You can seamlessly access the internet from your mobile phone on XOX’s network.

Who can subscribe to XOX Mobile Data Plan?

All XOX Prepaid/Hybrid subscribers can subscribe to XOX Mobile Data Plan. If you are not a XOX subscriber, you can purchase a XOX Prepaid Starter Pack or apply for XOX Hybrid plan at your nearest XOX Care Centre or dealer. Please call XOX Customer Careline at 1300-888-010 or visit www.xox.com.my for more information.

What plans does XOX Mobile Data Plan offer?

Please refer to our Mobile Internet page for the latest offer & promotion.

How do I activate XOX Mobile Data Plan?

SMS (Data M500MB, M1GB, M3GB or M5GB) to 23388.
Ex:Type DATA M1GB (this will subscribe you to XOX Mobile Data 1GB plan) and send to 23388.

What will happen if I exceed my data capacity within the validity period?

There will be a reminder SMS when you reach 80% of your allowed data capacity and there will be 3 options when you reach your validity period; First, the system will auto-subscribe you to your current chosen plan at the end of your 30 day active period. Second, an opportunity to subscribe to a higher plan when you are at your 100% data capacity (Refer to Number 5). Third, purchase an Add On to be utilized on your remaining active period.

Will I be notified when my XOX Mobile Data Plan has successfully been auto-renewed?

Yes, you will receive an SMS notification.

How do I know when the validity of my Mobile Data subscription expires?

You may SMS Data Check to 28899 to check the expiry date of your Mobile Data subscription.

Will my subscription be terminated automatically at the end of the 30-day subscription?

No, the XOX Mobile Data Plan features an automatic subscription service. Your subscription will be automatically renewed after every 30 days.

Can I deactivate the Auto-Renewal service of my XOX Mobile Data Plan?

Yes, SMS Data OFF and send to 28899 if you wish to deactivate the Auto-Renewal feature of your XOX Mobile Data Plan.
Ex. Type DATA OFF and send to 28899.

What is XOX Add On ?

XOX Add On is a service from XOX to help you manage your Mobile Internet account. You can purchase additional FUP (Data Quota) as low as RM5 for you to utilize in your remaining days of your 30 days subscription.

*Input Message Data Volume Prepaid (Direct Dial)
DATA ADD 100 100MB 5.00
DATA ADD 200 200MB 10.00
DATA ADD 300 300MB 15.00
DATA ADD 1GB 1GB 35.00

*To purchase an Add On package, SMS your chosen input message as above and send to 28899.
(E.g. Type DATA ADD 100 and send to 28899.)

How many times can I purchase the Add On?

There’s no limit. You can purchase as many Add On as you need.

Can I carry forward my unutilized Add On quota to the next billing cycle?

No, unutilized Add On quota will be forfeited and will not be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

Can I transfer the unutilized quota to another account?

No, all plan purchased is non-transferrable.

What if my subscription is not successful?

Please call our Customer Careline at 12273 or 1300-888-010 for further assistance.

What if my account fails to auto-subscribe at the end of my 30 days subscription?

The subscription will fail to auto-subscribe in the event of insufficient balance, barred and blocked status. Please ensure you have sufficient balance in your prepaid or hybrid account. Do take note that all promotional plans will not be available for subscriptions after the promotion period.