FAQ Categories – Hybrid FAQ

What if I am not a Malaysian citizen but I want to subscribe to Hybrid?

Provide a photocopy of your passport and prepare a top up deposit.

Where can I purchase top up cards to pay my Hybrid bill?

You can buy top up vouchers at any outlet with ePay logo such as Petrol Kiosk etc, authorised dealer, online top up (XOX Self-Care), 7-Eleven outlets, Popular Bookstore & MOL points channel.

Can I do my HopOn number into the Hybrid Plan?

Yes, of course.

Do I get loyalty points with Hybrid?

Every RM1 top up = 1 point.

Can Hybrid auto debit from my credit card?

Yes. You will need to fill in our auto debit form and provide a photocopy of your I.C. and credit card. This privilege is only for Visa/Master card.

Does Hybrid provide online billing?

No, you may login to our self-care portal to view your itemised billing.

How do I increase my credit limit?

Upon request by subscriber and based on credit ratings. Terms and conditions apply.

How many lines can one subscriber register for?

A maximum of 10 lines including XOX Prepaid.

Where can I register for Hybrid?

At all XOX Care Centres or selected authorized dealers. Please click here for XOX Care Centre.

Do I need to make pre-payment upon registration?

Yes. Depending on your chosen plan. No pre-payment charges will be imposed on Hybrid MNP or Hybrid migration.

Can I convert my current XOX Prepaid Plan to Hybrid?

Yes, but you will need fill in the Hybrid application form at the XOX Care Centre.

Can I upgrade my Hybrid from Plan 18 to Plan 30?

Yes, you can. You can either call XOX Customer Careline at 12273/1300-888-010 or walk into any of our XOX Care Centres.

Can I get my unutilised airtime balance back after I terminate my account?

No, unutilised airtime balance is not refundable.

Can I use my unutilised balances to offset my due payments for Hybrid?

No. The unutilised airtime balance can only be used to offset your usage for the following month, provided your usage for that month exceeds your monthly commitment fee.

What happens when my unutilised airtime balance is more than my monthly fee?

There is a monthly commitment fee for Hybrid. Your total billed amount should not be less than your monthly commitment fee after offsetting from your unutilised balance.

Can the unutilised balance be accumulated?

Yes. Unutilised balance can be carried forward to the following month to offset the monthly bill, provided your usage for the following month exceeds your monthly commitment fee.

What do you mean by balance not forfeiture?

For instance, if you are under the Hybrid 50 Plan, and your usage for the current month is RM40, the balance of RM10 will be carried forward to the following month. The unutilised airtime can be used to offset your usage in the following month should your usage exceed your commitment fee.

How do I check the due date for my payment?

Press *132# and press Call or log on to XOX Self-Care.

Can I use Mobile Data plan in Hybrid?

Yes. Type Data M XD18 for 500MB* / Data M XD38 for 1GB / Data M XD68 for 3GB / Data Promo for 1.5GB** and send to 28899. Ensure that there is enough credit in your account before applying.
* Promotion is extended until further notice.
** Promotion will ends on 31st January 2014.

Can I use credit card to make payment at Service Centre?

Yes, but only for payments of RM30 and above.

Can I make a payment via Call Centre?

Not at this moment. You can make payment (online banking or credit card) via XOX Self-Care.

How do I terminate my Hybrid?

Kindly walk into any of our XOX Care Centres and fill up the termination form. Subscriber must settle all outstanding amounts before termination.

Can I transfer the ownership of my number to someone else?

Yes. Both parties will be required to visit our Care Centre to fill up a transfer form.

What should I do if topped up into the wrong account?

Call our XOX Customer Careline 1300-888-010 to request for a balance transfer (Same number and same top up amount required).
You will only be allowed to transfer the money from your Backup Account to Hybrid within 7days from the top up date.

Will I be bound by any contract when I sign up for Hybrid?

No contracts are required for normal Hybrid numbers. However, if you are under Hybrid Premium Numbers, you will be bound to a contract for 18 months, and you will not be allowed to port to another service provider during this period.

Hybrid bill will be generated once my Hybrid accounts switch to Backup account?

No, Hybrid bill will be generated when Hybrid account active or a minimum payment of 70% is required.

What happens if I failed to top up Backup Account?

Your account will undergo this cycle: Active – Barred – Blocked – Terminated.
Your Backup Account will be switched from active status to barred status after 30 days if no payment is received.

Can I switch my account from Hybrid to XOX Prepaid?

This service is not available at this moment.

Can I apply for supplementary line?

This service is not available at this moment.