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Who is XOX?

XOX is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which is partnering with Celcom Malaysia Berhad where XOX utilizes Celcom’s nationwide mobile network infrastructures. XOX provides mobile services through various mobile subscription packages.

Does XOX belong to Celcom?

No. XOX has a commercial arrangement with Celcom to use Celcom’s Mobile Network infrastructure.

Isn’t 010 the old analog system used by Celcom?

No, when Celcom changed to its new system, Celcom applied for the 019 prefix and the 010 prefix was returned to the government (Service Prefix and System has no relations).

I thought DIGI also has the 010 prefix numbers as well?

Because the government (MCMC) currently has insufficient mobile numbers, the whole 010 prefix will be shared by other mobile operators as well.

Why is it that I can only see Celcom as my phone’s active service instead of XOX?

In certain phone models, the phone takes the network ID as their display and auto-switches ID instead of the SIM ID.

Can I use XOX SIM card for 3G video call?

Yes, XOX has 3G video call.

I am a post-paid user for other Telcons, if I MNP to XOX, what will I be? Prepaid or Postpaid?

You can be both. If, you want postpaid, you have to wait for XOX to launch postpaid services soon.

Is there going to be a phone & service plan package?

XOX has launched the HopOn package and the 010 Prepaid package. Later on, XOX will launch more packages from time to time.