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What are the new FAT data plans?

The new FAT data plans that give you SUPERIOR VALUE and LARGER sized options are:

monthly fat data

Who is eligible to subscribe FAT data plans?

All active XOX prepaid subscribers.

When will the FAT data plan available for purchase?

Effective from 23/5/2017 12am until further notice.

How to subscribe FAT data plans?

There are few options. You may subscribe via

a) SMS – Send subscription code of their package choice to 23388 or 22111

b) USSD Easy Menu – Dial *150# to subscribe/activate their package choice

c) Self-care portal – selfcare.xox.com.my

d) MyXOX App – Available on Google Play store and Apple AppStore

Subscription code: Please refer to Q1 for reference.

What are the methods to check data plan balance / status?

There are a few options. To get latest data balance/ status, you may check via:

a) SMS – Send “BAL” to 23388 or 22111

b) USSD Easy Menu – Dial *150*1#

c) Self-care portal – selfcare.xox.com.my

c) MyXOX App – Available on Google Play store and Apple AppStore

Will I receive a notification when FAT data plan quota is about to expire or be used up?

You will receive a friendly reminder (SMS) when their data usage reaches 80% and 100% of their quota. You will also receive a notification 1 day before the expiry date of your monthly and weekly FAT data plans; you will not receive such notification for your subscription to the daily data plan as it is only valid for 24 hours.

What happens to the remaining data quota if it is not used up within the subscription period (24 hours, 7 days, 30 days)?

All remaining data quota will be terminated automatically upon expiration. For subscriber with monthly data plan subscription, your data quota will be renewed on next renewal date.

If I reach 100% data usage before expiry date/time and want more data, what can I do?

You can choose to either purchase Add-On data plans OR re-subscribe to any FAT daily, weekly or monthly data plans.

Can I activate/subscribe FAT data plan from Season Pass?

Yes, you can activate any FAT data plan options EXCEPT Daily 1GB plan. Daily 1GB plan can only be subscribed via deduction from prepaid credit.

All ACTIVATION and AUTO -RENEWAL of FAT data plan will be drawn or deducted from their Season Pass counter FIRST.

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What if I wish to stop auto-renewal for my monthly plan?

Send DATA AR OFF to 23388 or 22111 to request stop data plan renewal.

What if I wish to stop my data plan immediately?

Send DATA END to 23388 or 22111 to request stop data plan immediately.

Which data plan will no longer be available?

Data plan options that will no longer be available for subscription effective 18/5/2017 are:

FAT table_15 May_3

Note: All data plans activated before 18/5/2017 will stop automatically when 100% quota or expiry date is reached.