Ella “Peace.Love.Rindu” Album Pre-order FAQ

When is Ella “Peace.Love.Rindu” album pre-order start?

Ella album pre-order will be start from 12/9/2017 to 17/9/2017.

Where can I order Ella “Peace.Love.Rindu” album?

Ella album pre-order is now available at XOX online store ( www.xox.com.my).

What is the price of Ella “Peace.Love.Rindu” album?

RM50.00 RRP

What benefit can I get if I am existing XOX subscriber?

All XOX subscriber including ONEXOX, ONEMUSIC, and XOX will be entitled 20% discount off on album price.

How many albums can I purchase?

There is no limit on purchase. Everyone can purchase more than 1 album.

When will I receive my album after purchase it online?

Album will be sent on 22/9/2017.

When will Ella “Peace.Love.Rindu” album be released?

Ella “Peace.Love.Rindu” Album will be released on 22/9/2017.

Can I purchase Ella “Peace.Love.Rindu” album at Space@XOX, Sunway Pyramid?

No, album pre-order is only available at XOX online store (www.xox.com.my).

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