FAQ Categories – 30GB Bonus Campaign

Who is entitled to participate in this campaign?

All prepaid subscribers (new or existing; for Prepaid Plus, XOX Prepaid, Seasonpass Prepaid Plan, One-X Plan,United Pack, High Speed Internet Pack) are entitled to participate in the campaign, as long as they perform minimum top-up RM30 and above (accumulative) within the calendar month.

What is the campaign period?

The campaign period is 3 months, which is from 16 Feb 2017 to 31 Dec 2017.

What are the freebies once subscribers performed RM30 top-up?

Subscribers shall receive the FREE 500MB within 36 hours after they performed minimum top-up RM30 and above (accumulative) during the calendar month.

What is the campaign validity for both new and existing subscribers?

New subscribers shall entitle 5 years of FREE data when they register from 16/2/2017 to 15/5/2017. For example, new subscriber register on 18/2/2017, he/she shall entitle the 500MB FREE data (upon RM30 accumulative top-up) until 17/2/2022.
While for existing subscribers, they entitle 5 years of FREE data when they perform RM30 top-up and above (accumulative within calendar month) from 1/2/2017 to 31/12/2017. For eg, existing subscriber top-up RM30 and above (accumulative) on 18/2/2017, he/she shall entitle 500MB FREE data from 18/2/2017 until 17/2/2022 (upon accumulated RM30 top-up in a calendar month).

How can subscribers get 30GB of FREE data?

As long as subscribers top-up minimum RM30 (accumulative within calendar month) each month for 5 years, they shall get 500MB each month, 30GB in total.

In the event that subscribers top-up RM30 for the first month and discontinue on the next month, do subscribers entitle 500MB FREE data for the next month?

No. Subscribers shall only receive 500MB FREE data on the first month, where they have performed minimum top-up RM30 and above during the calendar month. However, if subscribers continue top-up during the third month, he/she shall receive the 500MB FREE data.

If subscriber only has RM20 of accumulative top-up during the calendar month, can he/she entitle for 500MB FREE data?

The subscriber shall not entitle for the 500MB FREE data. In order to receive 500MB FREE data, he/she shall have accumulative of RM30 top-up, regardless of the frequency of top-up within calendar month.

New subscribers can top-up RM30 and entitle to purchase 3GB of SUPER SEASON PASS package; can they still receive 500MB FREE data?

Yes, they are still eligible to receive the 500MB FREE data.

How can subscribers utilize the FREE data?

Subscribers can either subscribe to monthly 500MB data plan, daily or weekly data plan. Alternatively, they can accumulate for few months and subscribe higher data quota plan.

Is there any limitation to utilize the FREE data?

No. Subscribers can utilize the FREE data at 4G+ High Speed, anytime, and without restriction to any mobile applications or website. But it’s bound to our fair usage policy.

Can subscribers share the 500MB FREE data to anyone within ONEXOX or XOX MOBILE prepaid?

Yes. As long as the data still in Season Pass data counter (not activated yet), they can share to any ONEXOX or XOX MOBILE prepaid users. But there is a sharing limit which is 3 times a day.