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Raya with XOX FAST Campaign FAQ

  1. What is XOX FAST?
    XOX FAST (Fast and Simple Transaction) is a hassle-free mechanism where subscribers can top-up or pay bill without having to log in to Self-Care account.
    To access XOX FAST, click here or copy link: https://xox.com.my/onlinestore/fast.php
  2. Who can participate in this RAYA WITH XOX FAST!! campaign?
    ALL XOX subscribers.
  3. When is the RAYA WITH XOX FAST!! campaign period?
    Campaign will start from 28th May 2019 to 24th June 2019.
  4. How can I get this free data?
    Just do a minimum RM50 top-up/bill payment (one time off) through XOX FAST.
  5. How much data will I get for a RM50 top-up/bill payment?
    FREE 1GB data!
  6. Will I get more than 1GB data if I top-up/pay bill more than RM50 one time off?
    No, ONLY 1GB free data will be given for a minimum of RM 50 top-up/bill payment.

    Table 1

  7. Can I top-up RM50 multiple times within 7 days to get multiple free data?
    No, each subscriber is only entitled to ONE free 1GB data within 7 days.
  8. Can I top-up RM50 again after 7 days and get free data?
    Yes! Subscribers who wish to get ANOTHER ONE (1) GB free data can to top-up / pay bill RM50 and above via XOX FAST AFTER SEVEN (7) days, based on the previous top-up date with free data.
    Table 2

  9. Is there any expiry date for this free data?
    NO! There is no expiry date and unused data can be carried forward!
  10. Data will be kept in Season Pass counter for Prepaid subscribers and for eligible BLACK subscribers it will be kept into their BLACK account.
  11. How will I know if I get the free data?
    A SMS will be sent to you once the FREE 1GB data is credited.
  12. Can I use XOX FAST to top-up/pay bill for other XOX numbers?
    Yes, you can! Just key in the number of the person you want to top-up/pay bill for.
  13. Will I get free data for topping-up/paying bill for other XOX numbers using XOX FAST?
    Unfortunately, No. But the numbers you are topping-up/paying bill for will get free data if it fulfils the Terms and Conditions (TnC) requirements.