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Prepaid Sim Activation Faq

Q1: What is e-KYC sim card activation?
A1: e-KYC stands for ‘Electronically Know Your Customer’. It is an online activation process to verify the prepaid sim card that was recently purchased by the subscriber via online store. Note: This activation process is only applicable for prepaid sim card which is purchased from Online Store.

Q2: How to activate my sim card that purchased via XOX Online Store?
Ekyc Step

Q3: How do I know that my sim card has been successfully activated?
A3: You will get a real-time in app notification stating that your sim card has been successfully activated once you have completed the e-KYC activation process.

Q4: What can I do if my e-KYC activation is failed?
A4: If the result of eKYC is failed to verify, please call our customer service at 1300888010 for assistance.

Q5: Within how many days do I have to activate my sim card after receiving it?
A5: 30 days from purchase date.

Q6: What will happen if I don’t activate my sim card after 30 days?
A6: After the lapse of thirty (30) days and without successful SIM Activation for e-KYC verification, the starter pack shall automatically be “Invalid”. Refund is not applicable, and you will lose the ownership of the number. XOX shall not be responsible if you have failed and/or neglected to activate the new ONEXOX starter pack.

Q7: Do I need to do e-KYC for BLACK?
A7: No, the e-KYC sim card activation process is only for ONEXOX Prepaid registration.

Q8: Can I activate the sim card for another person?
A8: Yes you can, however, the subscriber who you are trying to activate the sim card for has to be beside you to do the verification process.

Q9: Can anyone else use my activation mobile app for SIM card activation?
A9: Yes. Other user can use your XOX activation mobile app to activate their sim card.

Q10: Do I have to pay any fees for the registration of my sim card?
A10: No, the e-KYC sim card activation is free of charge.