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Wirelessly stay connected to businesses anywhere you are. Harnessing the power of mobile networks, simply connect to supporting devices easily to keep an eye out on what’s important to you and gain total mobility for commercial dealings and transactions if you’re a business owner.

Stay connected with the XOX Mobile network

It’s The Business Solution Of The Century. See It And You’ll Know Why!

To cater to today’s fast-paced international business-to-consumer environment, XOX M2M ensures that businesses maximize productivity, security and profitability when it comes to the trade. Machine-2-Machine is enabled via mobile networks; which then allows commercial devices to seamlessly intertwine into all characteristics of a business from transport and logistics to security and surveillance and even home automation.

B2B + B2C + C2B = M2M

Whatever the nature of your business whether business to business, business to consumer or consumer to business, XOX Machine-2-Machine (M2M) will cater to all needs as it covers a complete range of solutions for all business types.