1. The Season Pass packages below are made available by XOX Mobile Sdn Bdn (“XOX”) since 25/5/2017 12:00AM and will continue to be available until further notice.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, beginning 10/11/19 12:00AM, XOX will introduce an additional TWO (2) NEW Season Pass packages that will be made available to XOX MOBILE subscribers (“Subscribers”). Please refer to Table 1.0 below for further information:
Season Pass Package Quota Retail Purchase Code Duration Auto Renew Purchase Deduct From
Data 5GB RM30 SP D5GB  


Follow line validity







10GB RM50 SP D10GB
20GB RM100 SP D1
30GB RM150 SP D2
50GB RM250 SP D3
Combo 10GB+333MINS RM80 SP C1
20GB+333MINS RM130 SP C2
Voice 999MINS RM90 SP V1

Table 1.0


  1. The above Season Pass packages will be available for all active Subscribers. For the avoidance of doubt “active” means the Subscriber’s account is able to make and receive calls and is not barred/blocked/terminated. In order to remain active, the Subscriber will have to continue to top-up to avoid service interruptions.
  1. The above Season Pass packages is open all day every day for Subscribers to purchase.
  2. The purchase of the Season Pass packages is unlimited. Subscribers will be able to purchase the above Season Pass packages as many times as they want to.
  3. The above Season Pass packages shall supersede any prior season pass packages.
  4. The validity period of the Quota in any of the Season Pass packages shall follow the Subscriber’s line validity.
  5. The charging block of the Subscribers’s talktime usage via Season Pass minute is SIXTY (60) seconds.

Season Pass Purchases

Purchase of Minutes and SMS

  1. When a Subscriber has purchased packages for minutes and/or SMS, the consumption period will begin immediately upon successful purchase and subscription of Season Pass
  • Charges for voice calls to any Malaysian toll free number (1300 or 1800) will be deducted from the Subscriber’s  available airtime instead of Season Pass minutes.
  • For international calls, separate charges shall apply to normal pay-per-use consumption via normal airtime deduction.

Purchase of Data

  1. The consumption period for the purchase of data will begin upon the Subscriber’s use of the data. Eg: when you purchase Data Package SP D1 (20GB) it will be stored in the Subscriber’s Season Pass counter. It will only be deducted once the Subscriber have commenced usage of the NEW data activation (Daily, Weekly or Monthly data plan).
  2. For *XOX Prepaid subscribers (#prepaidplus, High speed Pack, Penang#1758, United Pack, XOX XinXun plan, ONEXOX, ONEMusic) have to follow current data subscription command:
  • NOTE: Current Data Promo package is NOT allowed to consume from Season Pass. Once you activate Data Promo, it will deduct from your airtime as per normal behaviour.

Sharing Season Pass Quota

  1. Subject to the available MINUTES, DATA and SMS credits in the Subscriber’s Season Pass counter, the Subscriber will be able to share MINUTES, DATA and SMS credits in the Season Pass counter to friends and family who are active XOX Subscribers or other Subscribers.
  2. Multiple items sharing is allowed in single share command SMS and will only be charged RM0.50 for each successful sharing. For example, to share 1GB, 50MINS and 100SMS, the command SMS would be as follows:

Share 0103333010 D1 V50 S100 1234

  1. There will be a charge of RM0.50 to the sender for each successful sharing of Season Pass Quota. For ONEXOX subscriber, the sharing of Season Pass charges of RM0.50 will be deducted first from Main Account (MA) and then subsequently from Dedicated Account (DA).
  2. Subscribers can share up to a maximum of three (3) times a day (single or multiple of Season Pass counter) (“Sharing Limit”). For more information, please refer to Table 2.0 below:
Sender Receiver RESULT
Dealer Number Dealer Number Unlimited Sharing
Dealer Number Subscriber Unlimited Sharing
Subscriber Dealer Number Blocked
Subscriber Subscriber 3 times/day

Table 2.0

Season Pass Sharing Matrix Table

  1. Subscribers can enjoy sharing again the next day if they have reached the Sharing Limit for that day.


  1. XOX reserves the right to alter, change, amend, vary, modify and/or remove the Season Pass packages, and/or alter, change, amend, modify the terms and conditions stated herein at its sole discretion any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes arising directly or indirectly from the Season Pass packages, the decision of XOX shall be final.
  2. Subscribers irrevocably agrees to release and hold harmless XOX and its associate companies, employees, advisors from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims and actions of any kind in connection with the Season Pass packages.
  1. XOX, and its respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensees, directors, officers, employees, agents, independent contractors make no warranties, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to the use or enjoyment of any of the Season Pass packages, including, without limitation to, their quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  1. Failure by XOX to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any of these Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right.