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The Campaign Introduction

  1. The XOX Group (“XOX” or “the Organiser”) is organising “KUMPUL DUIT RAYA!” (“the Campaign”).
  2. The Campaign shall run from 8th April 2019 – 26th May 2019 (“Campaign Period”).
  3. The Campaign is inclusive of XOX Prepaid and BLACK Plans (“Prepaid and BLACK”).
  4. Participating Eligibility

  5. The Campaign is open to all XOX Prepaid and BLACK subscribers who are Malaysian citizens with at least 18 years of age (“Participants”).
  6. The participation of permanent, contract and/or temporary staff or employees of XOX Group and their immediate family members (i.e. spouses, children, parents, brother and sisters) is strictly prohibited.
  7. Campaign Entry, Participation Prize and Collection

  8. XOX reserves the sole and absolute right to verify the validity of the entries and participants and disqualify any entries or participants the Organiser consider ineligible.
  9. Participants agree and accept that one (1) entry shall entitle the Participant to one (1) draw in the Campaign, therefore 1 entry = 1 draw (Qualifying Entries).
  10. To earn the entries to participate, Participant may do any of the following:

    (i). By performing a successful top-up transaction or make minimum payment of RM30.00 (accumulated or one-time off) from Monday – Sunday during campaign period, Participants shall have 1 entry and be entitled to 1 draw;

    (ii). By performing a successful top-up transaction or make minimum payment of RM30.00 (accumulated or one-time off) via ANY ONLINE PLATFORMS from Monday – Sunday during the campaign period, Participants shall have 2 entries and be entitled to 2 draws;

    (iii). Alternatively, for every minimum spend of RM30.00 (accumulated or one-time off) top up/make payment from a combination of the normal channel and/or ANY XOX ONLINE PLATFORMS, Participants shall be entitled to the following number of entry(ies) and be entitled to the equal number of draw(s). Kindly refer to the appended in the table 1.0 below:

    Table 1.0

  11. Winners from the campaign shall be rewarded with cash prizes of (RM278.00 X 20 weekly winners). In total, there will be 140 Winners.
  12. XOX shall perform a weekly system based lucky draw for the selection of Winners and their names will be announced on XOX Malaysia Facebook Page according to the dates appended in the table 2.0 below:

    Kumpul Duit Raya Announcement

  13. By participating in the Campaign, Participants is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions and agree that any and all decisions made by XOX Group in relation to every aspect of the campaign shall be final, binding and conclusive.
  14. Only Twenty (20) winners shall be entitled to win and receive a maximum of ONE (1) cash prize per week during the campaign period.
  15. There are no maximum number of entries per Participants so long as Participants meet the Campaign Entry criteria.
  16. The Organizer must be able to contact the Winners. The Winners shall receive ONE (1) SMS from XOX Mobile and a representative voice call of THREE (3) attempts from XOX Customer Care team from Monday to Friday between 9am – 6pm to verify the Winner’s details.
  17. All prizes are non-transferable and/or non-exchangeable and/or non-redeemable for credit or any other value in any form.
  18. Others

  19. Cash Prizes will be banked into the respective Winners’ account 30 days after each announcement date after verification from the Organizer.
  20. XOX shall NOT be responsible to bear any cost if Winners knowingly or unknowingly, provide the inaccurate or incorrect information regarding the account for the Cash Prizes to be credited in.
  21. In the event the Winners does not have an account with any banking/financial institution, they shall send an acknowledgment email with clear instructions giving authority to XOX indicating that the Cash Prizes to be banked into an account that does not tally with the Winners’ details (“the Alternate Account”). XOX shall bear no further responsibility after the Cash Prize has been credited into the Alternate Account.
  22. In the event of a change to the Contact Particulars, it shall be the responsibility of the Winners to update XOX of the same. XOX shall not be held responsible nor accountable for any loss/losses, in connection with the Contact Particulars maintained in XOX’s record not being current and/or correct.
  23. Winners agree and consents to grant permission to XOX to post their prefix and the last 4 digits of their mobile number on XOX Malaysia Facebook Page.
  24. XOX does not warrant that the Campaign shall be uninterruptible and/or error free. By participating in this Campaign, the Participants hereby acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that XOX shall not in any manner whatsoever be liable for any technical failures of any kind, system/server interruption and/or any electronic error arising from the Campaign unless the same arise from and are caused directly by XOX’s gross negligence or wilful default.
  25. XOX reserves the right to alter, change, extend the Campaign period or amend, modify the terms and conditions stated herein at its sole discretion any time without prior notice. In case of any disputes arising directly or indirectly from the Campaign, the decision of XOX shall be final.