Gong Xi Gong Xi With XOX FAQ

    1. Who can participate in this Gong Xi – Gong Xi With XOX campaign?
    This campaign is open to ONEXOX active prepaid and BLACK subscribers.

    2. When will the Gong Xi – Gong Xi With XOX campaign start?
    Campaign will start from 5th Februray 2018 to 4th March 2018.

    3. How to win the prizes from Gong Xi – Gong Xi With XOX campaign?

    A. Every Rm30 top-up within the campaign period, participants will be entitled to ONE (1) token entry during the campaign period.

    The higher the top-up denomination, the more tokens in the draw. The more their name is reflected in the draw. Top-ups are not accumulated.

    Below are the token denominations breakdown :

    Top-up Tiers Number Of Times MSSIDN Goes Into Draw
    RM30 1
    RM50 3
    RM100 10

    B. Any new BLACK subscription will get a chance to be part of the contest.

    The higher the BLACK plan they register to, the higher their chances of winning.

    BLACK Plans Number Of Times MSSIDN Goes Into Draw
    B10 BLACK Plan 1
    B39 BLACK Plan 3
    B59 BLACK Plan 5
    B89 BLACK Plan 10
    B149 BLACK Plan 18

    4. Is there any entry limitation per participants?

    No, there is no limitation. You can have multiple entries to increase the odds of winning the lucky draw to win the prizes.

    5. What is the campaign prize?

    Prizes for subscriber:

    Grand prize : Rm14,208 ( Rm888 x 16winners )

    Prizes for dealers:

    Grand prize : Rm188 ( e-recharge ) ( Rm188 x 16winners )
    If the winners win, the dealers who registered their numbers will get to win the Rm188 e-recharge.

    6. How will I know if I won?

    • End of each week we will draw the first batch of 4 winners. After each winner has been called up and confirmed, a social media posting will be posted up to reconfirm them as prize winners .
    • XOX will then contact winners via customer care. Each winner will be contacted a maximum of 3 times.
    • If the winner cannot be contacted after 3 times, the prize will be forfeited.

    7. If I am one of the campaign winners, how can I collect my prize?

    Cash prize will be credited into the account number given within 30 working days from Social Media Announcement.

    8. Can I win more than once?

    No, once a subscriber has won 1 time, they are not entitled to another prize after.

    9. What if I make the criteria, but my number is not in my phone and cannot opt-in?

    If subscribers who’s number/simcard is not in a phone to receive an opt-in message, they may call customer care by the end of each draw week ( Sunday of each week )

    After customer care checks if they qualify based on their top-up or are registered to a BLACK plan then they will be put in the draw.