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1.         What is the WAWA plan about?

Subscribers can enjoy the new Prepaid plan, WAWA plan for only RM18 for 18GB (WAWA18) or RM35 for 35GB (WAWA35).






Plan Name



Price (RM)

 RM 18

 RM 35

Plan Validity

30 days

30 days

Data Quota (GB)

10GB + 8GB

30GB + 5GB


100 mins

300 mins




Basic Internet (BI)


(Within the data plan’s subscription cycle)


2.         Who is eligible to subscribe to the WAWA plan?

The WAWA plan is open to all Malaysian citizens or Foreigners with the minimum age of twelve (12) years.


3.         How much is the WAWA plan?

WAWA18 is RM18/month whereas WAWA35 is RM35/month.


4.         How to subscribe WAWA plan?

You may subscribe to the WAWA plan via:

·         XOX and ONEXOX Authorized Dealers

·         XOX’s Physical Outlets (XOX Space, X-force, XCCs, & XPPs)

·         XOX’s Online Store (coming soon)


5.         What are the methods to check data plan balance/status?

To get the latest data balance/status, you may check via:

·         SMS: Send “BAL” to 23388 or 22111

·         Easy Menu: Dial *150 

·         Black App: Available on Google Play store and App Store

·         Self-Care Portal


6.         Will I receive a notification when the WAWA plan quota is about to expire or be used up?

You will receive a friendly reminder (via SMS) when your data usage reaches 80% and 100% of the quota. You will also receive a notification ONE (1) day before the expiry date of your monthly WAWA plans.


7.         What happens to the remaining data quota if it is not used up within the subscription period?

All remaining data quota will be terminated automatically upon expiration. For Subscribers with monthly data plan subscription, your data quota will be renewed on the next renewal date.


8.         If I reach 100% data usage before the expiry date/time and want more data, what can I do?

You can choose to either purchase Add-On data plans OR re-subscribe to WAWA18 or WAWA35.


9.         Can I share my data, talk time and SMS with my family members or friends?

Unfortunately, no. All counters in WAWA plan are non-shareable.


10.     If I purchased the WAWA plan, can I request for a refund?

No, you may not. All purchases of WAWA plan are final and are not eligible for a refund.


11.     If I change my mind after purchasing the WAWA plan, can I request to exchange it for something else?  

You may COBP to the Black plans.