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This Season Pass Welcome Deals is giving you way better quotas and new requirements for prepaid 28 months. Starting from 2/1/2020, Season Pass Welcome Deals (SP FAT20) is available for purchase to NEW SUBSCRIBERS via MNP or new activation pack. First purchase of any Season Pass Welcome Deal comes with 28 months validity. Subscriber can purchase each Season Pass Welcome Deal ONCE upon activation. each Season Pass FAT deals ONCE upon activation.

Season Pass Welcome Deals are only available to all NEW SUBSCRIBERS (via MNP or new activation pack).

There are FIVE (5) Season Pass FAT (Welcome Deal) available:
a) SP FAT 10GB+10GB = SP FAT10
b) SP FAT 10GB+333mins = SP FAT10M
c) SP FAT 5GB+100mins= SP FAT5M
d) SP FAT 333mins = SP FATVOICE
e) SP FAT 20GB = SP FAT20
You may purchase by sending SMS with the subscription code below to 23388

Subscription code:
a) SP FAT 10GB+10GB = SP FAT10b) SP FAT 10GB+333mins = SP FAT10M
c) SP FAT 5GB+100mins= SP FAT5M
d) SP FAT 333mins= SP FATVOICE
e) SP FAT 20GB= SP FAT20


You can purchase selected Season Pass Welcome Deals (SP FAT 1OM, SP FAT5M, SP FATVOICE) in one time. However, the Subscriber is only limited to the purchase of either ONE(1) Instantly Activated SP FAT10 or SP FAT20 Welcome Deal and it is valid for 10 days only.

For eg, you have bought the SP FAT10, instantly activated 10GB should be finished within 30 days only meanwhile another 10GB will be stored in the Season Pass account.

Season Pass Welcome Deals are only valid for 10 calendar days upon activation date.

For eg, you have registered/activated SIM pack on 1/9/2018, the deals shall valid until 9/9/2018 11.59pm.

Season Pass Welcome Deals will no longer be available. However, you can follow our Facebook page (XOX Malaysia) or download our XOX BLACK APP to stay updated with Happy Hour deals and other promos.
You will receive validity immediately upon FIRST successful purchase of Season Pass Welcome Deal. The 28 months validity will be extended from Season Pass Welcome Deal(s) purchase date.
All data & minutes that is in the subscriber’s Season Pass counter are shareable. Only data that are instantly activated (From SP FAT10 and SP FAT20) are not shareable because they are instantly activated and will be valid for 30 days from purchase date.
• Data & minutes
• Sender will be charged RM0.50 for each successful sharing SMS.
• Maximum 3 sharing per day.
• Maximum sharing limit per SMS: 10GB data, unlimited minutes & SMS
You can try it again on the next day.
Yes. You are entitled as long as you make the purchase within the 10 days upon your activation.