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Powered by XOX MOBILE, ONEXOX is a prepaid mobile plan that offers blazing fast 4G LTE with Superb Savings.

You can purchase ONEXOX Starter Pack from any appointed authorized distributors and XOX Online Store. The Starter Pack recommended retail price is RM10 and comes with preloaded RM5 credit, 4G LTE and 1800 Free SMS upon SIM activation.

Yes. You can maintain your existing number through XOX mobile MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and avoid the inconvenience of having to notify friends and associates that you have changed your number.

With ONEXOX Prepaid Plan, you will enjoy:


a. 2-in-1 DAMA flexible plan for more savings!
b. Preloaded RM5
c. 5 sen short call to all network
d. 2 sen SMS rate to all network
e. 10 Friends + Family
f. 6% Cash Rebate via User-Get-User programme
g. Longest validity (up to 2 years)

Effective 11th April 2016, the ONEXOX Prepaid Plan will be 2-in-1 DAMA flexible plan. Visit to learn more about the rate.

For existing ONEXOX subscribers, subscribers who activated ONEXOX prepaid plan, and subscribers who activated #prepaidplus pack from 11th April, 2016 onwards.

Yes. #prepaidplus subscriber can enjoy this offer by contacting our customer service at 12273 (from XOX Number) and request for a plan switch.

Yes. Subscribers from other local operators from either postpaid or prepaid can port in ONEXOX to enjoy the benefits from 11th April, 2016 onwards.

Yes you may. However, you may clear your current telco’s outstanding bill before switching to us.

With the 2-in-1 DAMA flexible plan, subscribers have the freedom to enjoy special rates in both DA & MA accounts based on your top-up values. Surf to learn more about the 2-in-1 DAMA flexible plan.

The Airtime credited will be based on the top-up value/amounts that has been purchased. Surf to learn more about 2-in-1 DAMA flexible plan, and save more on the credited airtime by purchasing the top-up wisely.

Every new starter pack comes with RM5 credit in Main Account (MA). The SIM card will be active for 30 days without any top-up after the activation date.

The credit balance in Dedicated Account (DA) will be utilized first for all calls and SMS.

Yes. You can transfer your credit balance from DA to MA. However, you’re not allowed to
transfer the airtime credit from MA to DA. To transfer credit balance from DA to MA, please send TRNS DA AMOUNT to 22111.

You can top-up your ONEXOX Prepaid Plan at all 7-Eleven, petrol stations and at selected outlets via the e-Pay terminals. Please don't forget to mention "XOX" when you're purchasing the top-up.

The XOX mobile Self-Care is an online portal which allows you to:

a. View your subscription profile which consists credit balance from DA & MA accounts,
subscriptions validity, and free SMS's balance

b. Overview of your monthly detailed billing

c. To purchase top-up

d. Internet subscription management: To subscriber internet plan, upgrade your subscription, check remaining quota and increase the quota

e. Sub-line management: Can add up to 10 sub-lines, manage their profile, subscribe internet plan, and upgrade sub-line's internet subscription

f. Check loyalty points

Yes. ONEXOX subscriber can subscribe to daily, weekly, and monthly mobile internet plan provided by XOX Mobile.

ONEXOX data plan supports almost all types of devices and smartphones. Please make sure you have the correct settings. However, the plan does not support data services for Blackberry Internet Service (BIS).

No. ONEXOX offer high speed data plan up to 7.2mbps download data based on the quota limit/day subscribed. With this, ONEXOX subscribers are free from interrupted internet browsing speed.

Free SMS can be used for numbers on the same network (XOX Mobile & ONEXOX).

You may SMS Data Check to 28899 to check the expiry date of your Mobile Data subscription.

You can register up to 10 numbers F+F. First 10 registrations are free. F+F rate is open to all local networks including Telekom Malaysia fixed lines (except premium numbers 1-300 and phone numbers abroad). You can also replace the registered numbers and replace with another number. However, each replacement will be charged RM1 from MA account. Please make sure you have sufficient balance before proceeding.


a. How to apply F+F: SMS to 22111- F+F ADD (space) (phone number)
b. How to check the F+F list: SMS to 22111 - F+F LIST
c. How to cancel a number in the F+F list: SMS to 22111 – F+F (space) DEL (space)

Yes. You will still enjoy DA F+F rate with credit balance in MA.

You will be rewarded with loyalty points for every Top-up made to your account based on the top-up value. For eg, every ringgit of top-up equivalent to 1 point; every 10 points that you’ve collected can be redeemed for one free SMS.

You can redeem FREE SMS through below platforms:

Via SMS portal:
SMS to 22111 – LYT (space) RED (space) SMS (space) (number of SMS to be redeemed)
Example: RED LYT SMS 12

Via Online: Self-Care

ONEXOX subscriber can dial *150# to access to USSD.

ONEXOX credit validity is the validity of your line based on your Prepaid top up – Every top up of RM1 equals to 1 day of validity. For the longest validity, subscriber is entitled to 28 months validity ONE(1) time only, by performing top-up RM50 within 30 days; or MNP; or purchasing at least ONE(1) Welcome Deal packages as below:

MNP Free Data campaign is only available to existing #prepaidplus subscriber. Please staytuned for upcoming MNP promotion!

Temporarily, birthday bonus is only available to existing #prepaidplus subscriber.