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ONEXOX is a prepaid plan that offers 28 months validity and blazing fast 4G LTE with superb savings.

First of all, you get 28 months validity for your line! So, you can save yourself the trouble of having to top up every month to keep your account active.

You may buy one of our exclusive Welcome Deals when you register. Click here for more info.

Besides the 28 months, we also have the Season Pass feature where you can keep carrying forward any unused and unactivated data, minutes, and SMS! You get to make full use of items that you paid for.

We have a few plans up for subscription! You can choose among the FAT Data plan, XTRA Data Plans and SYOX30 plan. Click on the plan names for more info.

You may register at the following channels:

a.      XOX Online Store

b.      XOX Care Centre

Yes, you may! It’s called porting in. You may request for port-in here or walk into any of our XOX Care Centres.

Not 1, not 2…. But 5! You can register up to 5 lines under one IC or Passport. 

Yes, there is! Download our BLACK App or you can log on to XOX Selfcare to manage your account.

You may top up your account via BLACK App or Selfcare.


You may also buy a top-up voucher from convenient stores and top up via SMS or the Easy Menu. Do mention either ONEXOX or XOX.

Click here for the steps to top up via SMS and Easy Menu.

You may register up to 10 numbers on F+F. First 10 registrations are free. F+F rate is open to all local networks including Telekom Malaysia fixed lines (except premium numbers 1-300 and phone numbers abroad).

You can also remove the registered numbers and replace with another number. Each replacement will be charged RM1.00 from your Main Account (MA), so do make sure you have sufficient balance before proceeding.

a.      How to add a F+F

SMS F+F ADD (space) (phone number) to 22111

b.      How to check the F+F list

SMS F+F LIST to 22111

c.       How to remove a number in the F+F list

SMS F+F (space) DEL (space) to 22111

The DA and MA are counters to store your credit in. Based on your top-up amount, you get to enjoy special rates in both DA and MA.

The crediting will be based on the top-up amount you do. Refer to the table below for more info:

The credit in DA will be utilized first for all calls and SMS.

For any purchase or subscription using your credit, it will be utilized from MA.

Yes, you may transfer your credit balance from DA to MA. However, you’re not allowed to
transfer the credit from MA to DA.

To transfer credit from DA to MA, send TRNS DA AMOUNT to 22111.

Yes, you will still enjoy DA F+F rate with your credit in MA.

You may check on BLACK App or Selfcare for your account validity date. Do remember to top up your account before the end of your validity.

You may top up your account. Every top up of RM1.00 equals to 1 day of validity.

You may also buy 6 or 12 months validity via the BLACK App, Selfcareor via SMS. Click here for the steps to buy validity via SMS.

Yes, there is. The minimum amount to top up is RM5.00 via top-up vouchers, and RM10.00 via BLACK App or Selfcare.

Your account will be barred. If you don’t make a top up after 30 days, then you will be blocked. If you still don’t make any payment after another 30 days, then your account will be terminated.


So do remember to top up your account from time to time to avoid any inconvenience.

No, you can’t. Calls made to overseas will not use the minutes from your Season Pass; it will be subjected to our International Direct Dialling (IDD) rates. You may refer to our IDD call rates here: IDD

Yes, you can! Click here for more info.

Yes, you may as long as your account is active. You may share to ONEXOX Prepaid and ONEXOX BLACK users.

You may share via BLACK App or Selfcare.

You may also share via SMS or the Easy Menu. Click here for the steps to share via SMS and Easy Menu.

Yes, you may only share up to 3 times a day. Regardless of the items (Date, minutes, and SMS) and platform you use to share, it is only three times a day.

For minutes and SMS, you may share as much you want each time. However, for data, you may share up to 10GB each time.

Yes, you may! You may switch to BLACK via the BLACK App or Selfcare.

You may also switch by sending the code to 22111 or 23388.


Command code

Upgrade to BLACK Plan

Pre-Payment Charges (RM)








B39 PLUS20



B39 PLUS50