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Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion

1.      The Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion is a time-limited promotion offering:

a.      All Overseas Mooncake Bundle Packages

                                                  i.      All 15% OFF

                                                 ii.      RM60 Cashback*

                                               iii.      Free Delivery

                                               iv.      FREE ONE (1) Green Tea mixed Red Bean Mooncake worth RM20 each


2.      This promotion is only available at

a.      XOX BLACK Market on the BLACK App. – 9th September 2021 – 16th September 2021

b.      XOX BLACK Market Portal - 9th September 2021– 16th September 2021.


3.      This promotion applicable to All XOX Users and Public (via


4.      What are the Terms and Conditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion?

Mid-Autumn Festival Promotion









Free Delivery



All Overseas Mooncake Bundle Packages





FREE ONE (1) Green Tea mixed Red Bean Mooncake worth RM20 each


1.Capped at One (1) cashback limited at RM60 per transaction.

2. Five (5) x RM12 worth RM60 in total to be sent via BLACK App/SMS/email within 3 working days of after purchase.

3. Promo Code usage applicable at both platforms.

4. Promo Code expires 31/10/2021, 11.59pm.


XOX BLACK Market Portal



5.      What are Promo Codes and how do I use the Promo Codes?

Promo Codes are discount codes applicable to selected users. Learn how to use the promo codes with our tutorial video at our Youtube Channel – XOX Malaysia


6.      How do I get more Promo Codes?

Check out our latest news in our social media for latest Promo Codes.


7.      Where can I view BLACK Market?

Only applicable to XOX Users.

The promotion is available in the XOX BLACK Market in the BLACK App.

To install the BLACK App, please find the installation links as below:





8.      Where can I view BLACK Market Portal?

XOX BLACK Market Portal -


9.      What is the mode of payment?

The current mode of payment available is

Online banking

a.      Bank Account

b.      Debit/Credit Card


10.  How do I reach out for claims, refund, and return support?

In any case for support regarding on claims, refund and return, kindly contact [email protected].


11.  Do I have to pay for delivery costs?

Free delivery for promotional items and delivery charges apply to non-promotional items.


12.  How do I reach out for general support?

In any case for support and to know more about XOX BLACK Market, kindly contact [email protected].