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 B39 FC Plan FAQ

1.        What is this new plan about?

B39 FC details as below:

Plan Code

B39 FC

Monthly Fee




Talk time

200 Mins


50 SMS

*How the Data allocation works?  Refer our T&C for more details!


2.       Who is eligible to subscribe to the B39 FC plan?


Subscriber needs to be 18 years old and above and has a valid NRIC in order to register for BLACK B39 FC plan.


3.        When will the B39 FC plans be available for purchase?


B39 FC plan will be available to purchase from 14th July 2022 onwards.


4.        How much is the B39 FC plan?


B39 FC plan rate is RM39/month (subject to SST or any tax imposed by Malaysia Government).

5.       How can I purchase the B39 FC plans?


You may purchase via the channels below:

• XOX outlets (X-Force, XCC, XPP or SPACE)

• XOX Black App

• XOX Oneline Store & Self Care

• ONE XOX Authorized BLACK dealers


6.       How do I know my B39 FC Internet data balance?


• By SMS “BAL” to 23388/22111

• USSD Easy Menu -*150*1#

• XOX Self Care

• XOX Black App



7.       Can I buy Season Pass data under B39 FC?


Yes, you can purchase Season Pass anything if you need more data.


8.       Is there any limit for the hotspot usage?


No, there’s no limit for hotspot usage for B39 FC plan. So, share away to those in need! Psssst! Not many service providers offer FULL hotspot, but we do!

9.       How many devices can be connected using the hotspot feature?


You can hotspot to as many devices as you want and share high-speed data with everyone as long as there is active data available! Again, another factor that differentiates us from our competitors!


10.   If I have bought the B39 FC plan, can I request for a refund?


No, you may not. All purchases of BLACK plan are final and are not eligible for a refund.


11.   After I have bought the B39 FC plan and I change my mind, can I request to exchange it for something else?


No, you may not. All purchases of BLACK plan by the subscribers are final and are not eligible for any exchange.