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          Subscribers can now enjoy new BLACK data buffet plan, B54DB with a monthly fee of RM49.

          On top of the 18GB high speed data, subscribers will enjoy 30GB data which is on a 3Mbps speed cap.

          Below is the B54DB mechanism details:

Plan Code  


Monthly Fee 

RM49 (Introductory Offer RM5 Off) 

Base Data 


Data from DB 

40GB (10GB up to 4x a month

Speed Cap 

Yes, 3Mbps speed cap from second time DB top up onwards 

Total Data (GB) 

48GB (18GB High speed data + 30GB 3Mbps data

DB Mechanism  

10GB auto top up whenever sub’s data falls below 2GB 

Talk time 



100 SMS 


Subscriber needs to be 18 years old and above and has a valid NRIC in order to register for BLACK B54DB plan.

The new B54DB plans will be available to purchase from 21st October 2021 onwards until further notice.

Currently B54DB plan rate is RM49 for the subscriber who registers to this plan during the first 3 months of campaign launch (from 21st October 2021 to 21st January 2021). There is a RM5 introductory offer for lifetime. However, if a subscriber registers after the promotion period, he/she will be subject to the original plan rate, which is RM54 per month. With so much packed into a single plan, the price does not get any better than this!

You may purchase via the channels below:

  • XOX Online Store (New and MNP Port in)
  • XOX Black App (COBP from ONEXOX Prepaid to B54DB, change from other BLACK plans to B54DB)
  • XOX Self Care (COBP from ONEXOX Prepaid to B54DB, change from other BLACK plans to B54DB)
  • XOX Authorized BLACK dealer
  • By SMS “BAL” to 23388/22111
  • USSD Easy Menu -*150*1#
  • XOX Self Care
  • XOX Black App

Plan comes with 8GB base data and 4 times of 10GB top up when the data balance reaches the threshold. The first 10GB top up will be high speed data, whereas the second (10GB), third (10GB), and fourth (10GB) top up data speed will be on a 3Mbps speed

When the next bill cycle arrives, all data in the black data counter will be reverted to high speed.

10GB data will be auto top up each time your data counter falls under 2GB. The data top up will be credited to the BLACK data counter on the next calendar day.

You will be capped after the second time of DB data top up.

Opps! Not for now sorry. When the next bill cycle arrives, then all data in your black data counter will be reverted to high speed.

Unfortunately for now yes. Once the speed control is imposed, you will have to wait until next billing cycle to enjoy high speed data again.

Don't worry! We promise that your internet surfing experience would not be disrupted. Do carry on with your regular internet activity, including social media usage, gaming, website browsing, downloads, and many more. Plus, you can stream Youtube or Netflix on standard definition!

Yes you can, but it is even better. When your bill cycle date arrived, you can carry forward the 5GB and your data counter will be uplifted from the speed control. That means, you will have 13GB (5GB+8GB) high speed data from the beginning of the new billing cycle, and you are still entitled to up to 4 times data top up during this billing cycle!

No, there’s no limit for hotspot usage for B54DB plan. So share away to those in need! Psssst! Not many service providers offer FULL hotspot , but we do!  

You can hotspot to as many devices as you want and share high-speed data with everyone as long as there is active data available! Again, another factor that differentiates us from our competitors!

No, you may not. All purchases of BLACK plan are final and are not eligible for a refund.

No, you may not. All purchases of BLACK plan by the subscribers are final and are not eligible for any exchange.