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Action Driven eXchanges (ADX) is a rewards base feature available on the Black App. The feature allows users to earn ADX Points by completing an action. (e.g. watching Ads, completing surveys, playing games, etc)

ADX Points are the new virtual currency on the Black App that is created to reward our users for making transactions and using the ADX platform. ADX Points earned can be used to redeem rewards. (e.g. discounts, vouchers, freebies, offers from your favourite brands. etc)


*ADX Points have no monetary value and cannot be sold, exchanged or purchased for cash.

Effective 7th April 2021, all accumulated loyalty points from existing mobile subscribers will be converted to ADX Points. (Conversion rate: 1 loyalty point = 1 ADX point)

You can earn ADX Points by

1.    Purchasing our XOX Mobile products

2.    Using the ADX platform to complete actions (e.g. watching Ads, completing surveys, playing games, etc).

You may redeem your ADX Points:

1.    On the “Rewards” tab of the ADX page on XOX Black App

2.    On-site in XOX physical stores (XPP and Space) for selected offerings and campaigns.

You can use your ADX Points to redeem many different kinds of rewards. For example:

·         Discounts (e.g. 50% off your next purchase)

·         Vouchers (e.g. buy 1 free 1 items)

·         Freebies (e.g. free talktime or data)

*List of available rewards are to be updated frequently on the rewards tab, with new options continuously being added to the list

With ADX Points, you are now able to earn ADX Points and convert them to rewards (for example: free 1GB Data) without paying a single cent! You are able to earn rewards through your time and actions alone!

All XOX Subscribers are eligible to earn and redeem ADX Points. However, the XOX subscriber must have the XOX Black App on their smartphones in order to earn ADX Points through completion of ADX Actions.


*Please note that some rewards are also exclusively available on the Black App only

You may view your ADX Points balance at the top of the ADX Page.

You can watch Ads on the ADX page on XOX Black App! The ADX page button can be found on the home page.

No there is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

If you are unable to use your points, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

·         You do not have enough of the required ADX Points for redemption

·         You do not meet the eligibility criteria (e.g. reward valid for prepaid users)

You will only receive your ADX Points once you have:

1.    Completed a transaction

2.    Completed an Action on the ADX Page (e.g. Watching Video Ads)

If you do not receive your coins, it could be from one of the following reasons:

·         Payment did not go through

·         Video Ad has not been fully viewed

·         You have reached the daily view limit of the video (2 times per video per day)

·         System has detected that the process has violated our Terms of Use

ADX Points are only rewarded to the user once an Ad is viewed for its entire duration. When you select an Ad to watch, you will be provided with an option to close the Ad after 5 seconds (via “Back” button). If you choose to close the Ad, you will not be rewarded with ADX Points.

All videos will have slightly different allocation of ADX Points, so you may expect a range of different values. The estimate minimum ADX Points you may earn from a single video is roughly about 50-100 ADX Points.

You can view the rewards catalogue at the “All Rewards” tab of the ADX page on XOX Black App.

Every reward has terms and conditions, and specific instructions on how to redeem it. Ensure you meet all the stated requirements to use the reward.

Yes, however you can only redeem SMS via USSD. For more rewards, download the Black App and redeem your points on the ADX page!

Key in LYT< space >RED< space >SMS< space >< SMS Amount > send to 22111

Example: Key in LYT RED SMS 100 send to 22111


Please download the Black App for easier redemptions and more rewards!