Duit Riang Ria Raya! FAQ

  1. Who can participate in this Duit Riang Ria Raya campaign?
  2. This campaign is open to ONEXOX active prepaid subscribers only.

  3. When will the Duit Riang Ria Raya campaign start?
  4. Campaign will start from 26th May 2018 to 14th June 2018.

  5. How to win the prizes from Duit Riang Ria Raya campaign?
  6. Every subscriber who does Rm10 top-up will be entitled to ONE (1) lucky draw entry during the campaign period.

    Accumulated top-up from 26th May to 14th June 2018 Number Of Entries
    RM30 3
    RM60 6
    RM90 9

  7. There is no limited number of entries for each Participant. Participants may submit multiple entries to participate in the campaign to increase their odds of winning the prize.

  8. Is there any entry limitation per participants?
  9. No, there is no limitation. You can have multiple entries to increase the odds of winning the lucky draw to win the prizes.

  10. What is the campaign prize?
  11. Prizes for subscriber:

    Grand prize : Rm188 ( Rm250 x 80 winners : total Rm20,000 )

  12. How will I know if I won?
  13. • 80 winners in total for the campaign and will be announced on social media and contacted through XOX customer care team.

    • XOX will have announcement of 4 winners on dates below. Please note that there will be no announcement on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which will be announced the following Monday.

    Facebook announcement dates:

    Daily winner of (2018) Facebook announcement (2018)
    26, 27/05 28/05
    28, 29, 30, 31/05 01/06
    01, 02, 03/06 04/06
    04, 05, 06, 07/06 08/06
    08, 09, 10/06 08/0611/06
    11, 12/06 13/06
    13, 14/06 18/06*
    *It may be vary due to public holiday on 15,16/6

    • If there is a public holiday, the winners will be announced the day after.

    • XOX will then contact winners via customer care. Each winner will be contacted a maximum of 3 times.

    • If the winner cannot be contacted after 3 times, the prize will be forfeited.

  14. If I am one of the campaign winners, how can I collect my prize?
  15. Cash prize will be credited into the account number given within 30 working days from Social Media Announcement.

  16. Can I win more than once?
  17. Yes, there is no limit to winning the prizes for Duit Riang Ria Raya.