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Ever been in a well-lit room but the TV brightness level is too dark to see anything on the screen? How about the never-ending nag to warn children from sitting too close to the TV?

Have less of a worry with Sony’s BRAVIA CAM which will enrich your BRAVIA experience through optimal TV viewing!

Connect the BRAVIA CAM to your BRAVIA TV and get a personally tailored viewing environment.

Ambient Optimization Pro

Recognizes where you’re sitting in the room and automatically optimizes picture and sound according to the room environment and your viewing position.

The BRAVIA CAM is compatible with all 2022 BRAVIA XR™, BRAVIA X80K* & X85K* TVs.

*The BRAVIA CAM Ambient Optimization Pro is not available for these BRAVIA TVs.

Proximity Alert

Parents can set a preferred viewing distance and have your child alerted with a screen pop up anytime they are too close to the TV.

Auto Power Saving Mode

The BRAVIA CAM will dim the TV brightness whenever you leave the room to optimize power consumption.

Gesture Control

Have a rich viewing experience by using your hand gesture in changing channels and adjusting volumes.

Video Chat

BRAVIA CAM and have your loved ones supersized on the TV to feel as though they are right with you.

Enjoy a smarter and more immersive viewing experience where you can leave the extra work for the smart TV camera while you enjoy the comfort of entertainment. All possibilities are made possible with the BRAVIA CAM.

Learn more about Sony’s BRAVIA CAM.

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