Remember when mobile phones used to be this bulky brick like gizmo that only makes phone calls? Or the buzzing of static interferences caused by electronic devices nearby? The world of voice-only mobile networks is a distant one by now, especially for millennials whose only concern for mobile is probably the capability of Facebook browsing. We have come a long way in mobile technology, from the roots of the analogue based first generation service (1G) to the present-day 4G LTE (fourth generation long term evolution) networks capable of delivering supercharged speeds on mobile broadband and phones.

Not so long ago, the universal standard for the mobile network we use was still relying on 3G technology. Now a little more than a decade later, this technology is gradually struggling to meet the needs of today’s data hungry users. In comes 4G LTE, the next generation of mobile network development that’ll provide users with much faster data speeds than ever before. This bump in speed means more than you might perceive, opening up a new horizon of opportunities for novel mobile internet applications that’ll simplify our lives and potentially change the way we work and play.

The Mobile Workstation

XOX Mobile Malaysia mobile workstation

The arrival of 4G LTE is a game changer for how many of us work. While dealing with company emails on 3G networks is still practicable, with the capacity of 4G LTE speeds, it is now possible to carry out all manner of wireless mobile tasks on the go. Downloading that data-heavy presentation, uploading sizable files, video conferencing becomes possible, making life easier for those who take their work on the road and unshackling many from office desks.

Head In The Clouds

Nowadays, all forms of media, applications, and data can be stored in the cloud. All you need is an account from a service host and internet connection to store and access your files from any device anywhere. Hence with 4G LTE, obtaining what you need from the cloud is faster than ever. Streaming all staples of multimedia e.g. YouTube videos, Spotify, etc. will also be much more fluid! No more buffer!

The Internet of Things

XOX Mobile Malaysia internet thing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that are able to collect and share data with each other. If you think this is still a fairly futuristic concept, then you are probably not be looking close enough. In actuality, things like self-driving cars and intelligent home appliances are already a reality while the everyday products you use such as your phone tracking app, gaming consoles, anything within the Apple ecosystem is already a part of IoT. With that said, everything transmitting unlimited internet data will require a ceaseless flow of wireless traffic and that is where the increased capacity of 4G LTE will come into play.

Running on the Celcom’s network, XOX is considered the telco in Malaysia with the most extensive coverage. XOX Mobile Malaysia has a 3G network that is already capable of download speeds of up to 7.2 mbps. While not the first telco to provide 4G in Malaysia, our upcoming 4G LTE will be able to achieve high data speeds of 20 mbps! If you’re not a subscriber yet, it is high time switch over to enjoy uninterrupted connections on the fastest speeds.