Will Mobile Broadband Ever Replace Desktop?

With the advancement of today’s smartphones and tablets, desktop functionality are seamlessly translating onto portable devices. Everything you do on your less portable computer can now be done on a more portable, more straightforward touch-base that is more intuitive than menu-driven interfaces. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, more and more people are utilizing mobile internet to surf the mobile web and access online content on the go. Looking at this trend, is it possible to eliminate desktop internet and rely solely on mobile broadband?

Mobile In Malaysia

Today, close to half of the world’s population has access to 3G mobile networks. 4G LTE is predicted to cover half of the world’s population by the end of the year. With the improvement of mobile broadband connections and faster download speeds coupled with the fact that more smartphones and tablets are being shipped compared to desktop and notebook PCs, it is no surprise that overall mobile internet consumption coming from mobile devices is growing at breakneck speeds. Today, 4G in Malaysia is also getting more and more accessible since its introduction in 2013.

Population coverage is gradually expanding and the latest mobile technology is allowing for faster downstream speeds. With the current pace of mobile innovation, these might be some indicators of mobile broadband someday replacing the use of desktop.

Mobile In Malaysia

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