What is MNP?

Remember the times when switching from one mobile operator to the next means you’d have to switch numbers as well? The hassle of moving your massive contact list and notifying every single one of your friends of your new contact number is enough to discourage users from switching to another mobile operator when they want to. In comes mobile number portability (MNP), a service that’ll allow users to switch network operators while retaining the same number they have been using.

XOX Mobile MNP

In Malaysia, MNP was introduced in 2008 starting with mobile users in the Klang Valley and gradually made available to the entire nation. What this means for the market of telecommunication industry in Malaysia is that it removes the bar that keeps users with much equity in the numbers restricted by a switching barrier. For example, say if a user isn’t very happy with the service of their current mobile network provider but he relies on the number to receive important business calls, he is now able to easily switch over to a more suitable mobile network provider without risking losing business opportunities. Moreover, users can now also take advantage of a network provider’s better pricings, coverage, promotions, etc. to port their numbers.

XOX Mobile MNP

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