Most of us are resistant to change. Be it a change in environment, a change in lifestyle or even a change in our 3G plan, change is something new, and it entails research, learning and adjustment. However, if you are looking for the best data plan in Malaysia, then it is time for a good change. If you haven’t heard of the 4G LTE technology, here’s a short introduction on what benefits it brings, and why you should upgrade your 3G plan.

1. Faster browsing capabilities

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There is no denying that the smartphone and mobile web is part of everyone’s everyday life. Time is precious and switching your 3G plan to a higher technology plan can save you time and help you work more efficiently. Furthermore, much of our web experience happens on our phone, so ensuring that your mobile technology is updated, is a great decision that you won’t regret. With 4G LTE connection, browsing the mobile Internet will be at least 4 times faster as it downloads data much quicker. You may be watching a video for your entertainment, or video calling an overseas colleague on the go for work, but you will never be experiencing a slower mobile experience than a 3G’s.

2. Huge fan of apps? Enjoy more efficient apps!

A phone is not complete without its apps. Even if you are not involved in social media, you will find yourself using other apps such as Maps or Outlook. With a better mobile data plan, your apps will enable you to receive faster updates and execute instant uploads.

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3. No more pixelated videos!

If you have not played Minecraft before, you may be puzzled as to why its pixelated game interface is uniquely different from the other RPG realistic animation games in the market. However, with your mobile experience at stake, you will never have to watch a movie in pixelated grainy quality. 4G connection speeds allow for faster and stronger browsing capabilities so that you can watch and enjoy movies or videos in HD format.

Make the most from your mobile broadband and do not limit yourself to a mobile web experience of the past. As your preferred mobile operator, XOX Mobile will be launching 4G LTE in January next year! Ensure or upgrade your GSM phone supports this new technology and await a speedy, brand new on-the-go web experience soon.