Upcoming Trends of Telcos in Malaysia

Mobile technology has come a long way from the analogue based first generation service (1G), the introduction of narrowband digital networks in the second generation (2G), increased data transmissions in the third generation telecommunication technology (3G), to today’s fourth generation networks (4G), capable of high-speed data transmissions comparable to broadband.

XOX Mobile Malaysia Telco Upcoming Trends

The first cellular telephone service was first launched in Malaysia in 1985. Fast forward to the late 1990’s, Malaysia saw a steady growth of internet users while mobile phones too started coming with web surfing features. To keep pace with the fast-growing technology, telcos in Malaysia started introducing a system called the General Packet Radio Service, otherwise known as GPRS, which is capable of internet speeds up to 114Kbps. The services then were mainly text-based which are far from the visually stunning experience we’re used to today. Subsequently, smartphones integrated with their own operating systems (OS) begin popping up on the market and a new system known as the Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE) was introduced by telcos in Malaysia in the 2000’s. The new technology allows for a speed bump in internet connectivity of up to 384 Kbps. This was closely followed by the initiation of 3G in 2005. With the introduction of 3G, users are able to experience increased speeds in internet browsing, picture and video messaging, handheld navigation etc. Today, demand for mobile internet is higher than ever, hence, the adoption of 4G in Malaysia has increased substantially. The advancement in mobile network allows for faster connection speeds compared to its predecessors, giving users the enjoyment of uninterrupted streaming, video calls, sizable downloads, and more.

XOX Mobile Malaysia Telco Upcoming Trends

The constant evolution of new technologies and advancement of applications continue to transform the industry for telcos in Malaysia. Consequently, they are expected to redefine strategies, launch new solutions to differentiate their products in order to stay competitive. Driven by the shift in user requirements and technological advancements, the market for mobile in Malaysia is encountering major changes which we’ll gradually start to notice. With the increasing adoption of LTE in Malaysia, users are looking for faster internet speeds and bigger data packages. This particular trend will also spell a decline for mobile voice revenue considering users are gradually adopting Voice over IP (VoIP) calling from service providers such as Skype, Whatsapp, etc. that are comparable to traditional voice service. In order to improve users’ mobile data experience and create new revenue streams, Malaysia telcos are expected introduce unlimited data packages with higher quotas and implement LTE-Advance Carrier Aggregation in the near future.

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