Slangs Malaysians Love to Use


Malaysia has come a long way since independence; been 60 years! We have seen development in various sectors such as automotive, tourism and infrastructure.

Another noteworthy thing we have developed through the years is the invention of a language called Manglish.

We, Malaysians are known for mixing different languages into one sentence. You could say things like the sentence below and Malaysians won’t even be weirded out by it.


There are so many slangs we have developed that are really unique to us. Here are just some of our favourites:

1. One


In Malaysia, the word one isn’t always used to talk about the numerical digit. It’s often used to confirm our statement or question, and it’s usually added at the end of each sentence.

Example: You want to know where is the best banana leaf rice? Ask Nesh then. He sure knows one.

2. Action


Nope, we don’t mean the word used to cue actors to start acting. We use action to describe someone who is cocky or arrogant.

Example: Wah, that guy is so action. He thinks he’s better than the rest of us.

3. Pattern


We’re not talking about repeated decorative designs. Pattern is used to describe a person who acts in an unusual way or who displays diva-like behaviours.

Example: So you’re saying you drink coffee but only drink ice-blended coffee? Can you not be so pattern?

4. Lah


Basically, lah originated from Mandarin. It is normally used to soften requests and to make conversations casual. But lah can also be used in various ways. You need a good few years living in Malaysia to be able to master the art of using of lah.

Example: Mummy, I’m full already lah. Can I go and play?

5. Bojio


Where do we always see this? Oh yes, in the comments on of your friend’s food or road trip pictures.

To directly translate it, bojio means didn’t invite. When your friend tells you about this amazing movie he watched, naturally someone will definitely say bojio.


A: The trip to Melaka last weekend was awesome.

B: Bojio.

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