Reasons to Donate Blood


“Donate blood ah?”

“See how la”

“Scare pain la”

“What if later I don’t have enough blood?”

Those are just some things that run through our minds when we’re asked to donate blood.

Did you know there are countless benefits of donating blood? Here’s five.

1. You get to lose weight

Low section view of a woman standing on a weighing scale

We aren’t kidding you. It really works. Well, not drastically, but still

When you donate blood, you usually donate a pint, which is 450ml. According to a study, you burn about 650 calories for one pint of blood per donation.

That’s a lot of calories burned considering how all you need to do is lie down in comparison to running on a treadmill for 30 minutes which only allows you to lose about 120 calories.

2. You become healthier

Yup, it’s that easy.

Donating blood makes you healthier by reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Cancer and heart disease are caused by the high level of iron in your blood and iron comes from food like sunflower seeds, red meat and dark chocolate. Donating blood balances the iron levels in your blood.


3. The risk of getting a heart attack is minimised

Researchers found that those between 43 to 61 years old had fewer heart attacks and strokes when they donated blood every six months.

And in another study, researchers found in a sample size of 2,000 Malaysian men, those who donated blood at least once a year had 88 per cent lower risk of heart attacks than those who did not donate.

4. You get a FREE health check

3 Health-Checkup

You can only donate if you are fit enough to do so. Before you donate each time, you need to go through a health check. They’ll test your blood to see if it’s OK to be donated.

This check-up is beneficial as you will come to know if there is anything abnormal with your health. If they find nothing abnormal in your blood, then you may donate.

After the blood is donated, it will be further examined to detect for any infections like HIV and AIDS. You can inform the staffs at the blood donation to let you know if they find anything abnormal in your blood.

5. You save three lives


With one blood donation of one pint you can save three people who need it for different reasons. With so many blood donation campaigns held throughout Malaysia, the blood bank still run low on blood supply.

In Malaysia, 400 to 500 units of blood are needed daily. The collected blood is supplied to both government and private hospitals around Klang Valley, while other states get supply from its respective state blood banks.

So, how does donating your blood sound now? You can save the life of others and yourself. Come and donate at our Gift of Life with XOX blood donation drive. Everyone’s welcomed to join.

5 Blood-Donation

Remember to bring along your IC yea. Other things you should take note of are:

  • You are in a good state of health.
  • You are 45kg and above.
  • Your last donation was at least three months ago.
  • Have had more than five hours of sleep the night before.
  • You had some makan first before you donate.
  • RSVP your attendance on the Facebook event page, and jio your family and friends!