What is the difference between Prepaid and Postpaid mobile plans?

Looking for the cheapest data plan in Malaysia? Enquire with your mobile network operator to decide if a prepaid or postpaid plan best suits your lifestyle and begin to save up on your phone bills!

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Prepaid plans for mobile in Malaysia offer a pay-as-you-use billing concept that relieves the subscriber of the hassle of paying monthly bills. Users purchase a prepaid SIM card that has a fixed amount of credit inside, and depending on their mobile usage, the frequency of topping up will vary. Unlike users of the unlimited data plan, light users who have low monthly spending tend to opt for prepaid plans as they discipline the user to keep to their credit limit. The best prepaid plan in Malaysia would be one that offers versatility and with no minimum top-up fee, just like XOX’s Prepaid Plus plan for mobile in Malaysia. With prolonged validity that never runs out and savings made with each call, prepaid Internet plans from XOX will help you cut down on your bills!

On the other hand, postpaid plans require a contract and monthly billing, but it comes with the convenience of limitless credit and no topping up hassle. Although some may say that postpaid mobile plans are more expensive, the best way to save if you are a heavy user, would be to opt for XOX Postpaid plan for mobile in Malaysia. The XOX Postpaid plan is a first-of-its-kind revenue sharing plan with an affiliate programme that helps you grow money and cut on your monthly phone expenses if you refer your friends and family to XOX mobile. It lets you enjoy fast and stable 4G LTE network connection, yet also grow your income too!

XOX Mobile

Decided on a plan already? Head on down to XOX Mobile and discuss on the most suitable data plan adjusted to your lifestyle and budget.