Struggling to keep within your prepaid mobile data limit? Don’t worry you are not alone! Many of us dread that SMS alert from the mobile network operator, warning about the impending exceed of mobile data. Since overcharge prices are expensive, learning a few nifty tricks on how to conserve your prepaid mobile data is essential!

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• Make use of available mobile technology apps to keep track of your data usage

This includes downloading an app to track your usage. If you are an iPhone user, you can reset statistics to let your phone reflect the amount of data used. Knowing how much you’ve consumed lets you have a better idea on how often you can surf on the go.

• Changing your settings frequently

If you are leaving your phone unattended for a few hours while you are sleeping, exercising or travelling, put your phone in flight mode. This not only helps to conserve battery, it also saves data. A few hours saved every day can accumulate to a substantial amount of data at the end of the month!

Streaming on prepaid internet also eats up data quickly. Avoid watching videos or playing music and switch off push notifications from emails and apps.

• Change your mobile broadband plan

If you are constantly exceeding your prepaid mobile data limit, probably your existing mobile plan isn’t the right one for you! Shop for XOX’s mobile internet plans for high speed mobile web services at amazing prices with monthly packages from as low as RM18. XOX also offers add-on data volume at low add on rates of only RM5 for 100MB!

XOX Mobile

They say beggars can’t be choosers, but we think that you can still have an enjoyable Internet experience on your mobile in Malaysia if you know how to use data smartly!