As 2015 comes to a close, what has been the best mobile app game that the year has seen? Can there be a game that beats the ever popular Candy Crush? We have rounded up the 3 best mobile Internet app games that we think you should try if you haven’t!

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1. Vainglory

Already selected as one of the best apps in 2015 by Apple, Vainglory is a real-time MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) that is free to play and provides fast-paced matches with intuitive precision controls. True to the spirit of laning, gamers can train their selected heroes and hone their skills to win wars in the magical kingdom of Halcyon Fold. Get ready to tackle opponents with your friends but be warned to have a stable mobile network to engage real time with your mates! Vainglory also offers superb graphics with ultra-high fidelity graphics at 60 frames per second, so if your mobile technology is up-to-date, you can get to experience control responsiveness of sub-30ms!

2. Summoners War

Redefine your mobile Internet experience with the Summoners War game that lets you battle and explore their fictional word over a vital resource called Mana Crystals. Somewhat similar to Vainglory, get to learn tips and tricks to build the strongest guild and combat big bosses. There won’t be a moment of boredom once you start playing!

3. Two Dots

Personifying two dots, play adventure challenges as the two dot explorers explore the world and go through rough terrains in this simplistic minimalistic game that offers boundless hours of fun! This award-winning game even has an Instagram account @twodots that you can follow for cute adventure updates on the two dot characters. Get to check your gaming results in the leadership board to see how well (or badly) you’ve scored compared to the rest of the other competitors. This will guarantee many fun mobile web play hours!

XOX Mobile

Some of these games require mobile data usage to engage in play, thus it would be recommended to check on your usage and credit especially if you are using a prepaid data plan. Some game apps require more mobile Internet data, so be sure your prepaid SIM card has sufficient credit! Check in with your preferred telco Malaysia company to find a suitable mobile plan to ensure your smooth, uninterrupted game experience and enquire on exclusive offers for mobile recharge discounts as well!

Have fun and we wish you a jolly Christmas gaming experience!