[PLOT TWIST] 5 Reasons you Shouldn’t Subscribe to ONEXOX Season Pass PLUS


Season Pass PLUS is our latest Season Pass plan. Just like Season Pass, you can share the data, talktime and SMS.

But there are other reasons as well why you should subscribe to the enhanced Season Pass.

1. You get loads of freebies

1 Freebies

Ooh… FREEBIES. Must keep reading. How to get it ah?

Well, all you need to do is subscribe to Season Pass PLUS and you get freebies every renewal cycle. Just have enough credit in your account and you will get the FREEBIES.

And in case you were wondering, the freebies are more data, talktime and SMS.

So, what can you do with these freebies? You can …

2. Share here, share there


Some telco may allow you to share your data, talktime and SMS to your family and friends. But none of them would allow you to share to ALL users. Pelik, kan?

Season Pass PLUS is no different from Season Pass in terms of sharing your data, talktime and SMS. Share them to other XOX users who need more.

3. Allows you to carry forward unused data, talktime and SMS

3. Key art

Imagine this:

You are using other telco. You have so much data to use in a month’s time. So you use as much as you can. But towards the end of the month, you have so much of unused data. And what happens to the unused data?

They are wasted when the next cycle comes right?

But with ONEXOX Season Pass PLUS, you can carry forward your unused data FOREVER!

Be the first among your friends to take advantage of such an amazing feature.

Here’s a tip on how to make the most of SP PLUS – activate data according to what you need to avoid wastage 😉

4. Convenient

Although Season Pass PLUS is a prepaid plan, it works like a postpaid in terms of auto-renewing; the plan will auto-renew for you. That way, you don’t need to renew it manually.

Convenient lo.


So, just top-up and leave the rest to us.

5. Strongest Connectivity Nationwide


Some telco would say they follow you where ever you go, but really ah? (ehem… ehem… Digi… ehem…) Give ONEXOX a try and you will get connectivity everywhere you go in the country.

So don’t miss out on such an awesome plan. ONEXOX Season Pass PLUS offers three simple and straightforward plans for you to choose from.


We would suggest SP PLUS 50 plan for you. When you subscribe, you get 10GB, and FREE 2GB, 50mins and 50 SMS.


As of now, Season Pass PLUS is available for subscription through:

(i) SMS

Pick any one of the plan and subscribe by sending the code of the plan you want to 22111 or 23388.

(ii) XOX Self Care Portal

STEP 1: Log on to Self Care

STEP 2: Click on “Season Pass” from the menu

STEP 3: Select Season Pass PLUS

STEP 4: Choose the plan you want

STEP 5: Follow the instructions and fill up the necessary details.

Do read the T&C before you subscribe 😉