Have you heard about what a dual SIM card mobile can do? If not, here’s a short explanation about what it is and the advantages that it brings!

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A dual SIM card phone is simply a device that can read from two different SIM cards on the same mobile. It is akin to having two separate phones in one mobile. Each SIM card can be connected to two different mobile operators, or from two different phone lines from the same mobile company or mobile network.

With this capability, it reveals its first attractiveness: The ability to have two lines.

If you have ever hoped for more privacy and wished to separate your private calls from your business ones, having a dual SIM card phone solves the issue. You get to enjoy the convenience of bringing one phone but be available on both work and private lines.

Secondly, the benefit of having two lines will come in handy if you travel often too. You can get a local prepaid card for calls and data usage, as well as ensure that any messages from home will not be ignored by keeping your usual SIM card in the phone as well.

Last but not the very least, having a dual SIM card phone is cost effective too! Let’s say you find a good mobile plan for mobile web usage, but its limit on calls and texts is too low. With the dual SIM phone, you don’t have to settle between the two, you can get to enjoy two different plans that is excellent for mobile Internet usage for one, and great for texting and calling purposes for the other!

XOX Mobile

Advances in mobile technology always help improve our lifestyle and there’s always something new to learn on how to make our lives more convenient! Just be warned that these dual SIM card mobiles require more battery as it is consuming more energy to receive signals from two lines. More frequent mobile recharges is needed, but if you have a portable power bank with you, it should not be a big concern!

Do enquire if your mobile operator is a viable MVNO or provides MNP services. As the old adage goes, good things come in pairs, so why not consider adding an additional XOX Mobile SIM card and switch to XOX with MNP? With XOX MNP plan, you get to keep your existing mobile number and enjoy numerous perks such as complimentary data and calls, not forgetting free 28-month validity as well!