Impossible. That’s what you would have said if somebody told you, when you were playing Snake with your old, monotone, bi-colour hand phone that, just a few years later, some cinema movies would have been filmed with a mobile phone. Mobile technology has been changing since the first mobile phone was launched around 40 years ago, and the telecommunication industry in Malaysia has been constantly adapting to keep up with the latest innovations. Many of these mobile technology and mobile network innovations have changed our lives and the way we socially interact – and some of them we can’t live without!

#1: Having a camera at all times

Those times when you needed a bigger handbag or a bigger pocket are over – no longer you do need to carry around both a digital camera and a mobile phone! In the early 2000s, the first mobile phone with a photo camera was introduced in north Asia (Korea and Japan). However, it wasn’t until a few years later that this new mobile technology was incorporated in most mobile devices. The pictures that phones could take back in 2005 and 2006 were of pretty mediocre quality, therefore, we had to carry a digital camera too in order to sharply portray our memories. Nowadays, the quality of the pictures and videos that a mobile device can shoot is so good we even take it for granted!

Mobile Technology

#2: Mobile Internet

Being able to search for whatever information from anywhere one might be does make our life easier. Mobile web communication and information is at our reach all the time, through WiFi networks or mobile data. Yep, mobile Internet is a pretty awesome invention that started to be commonly used from the late 2000s and we hope it will stay with us forever more! Because, really, who would ever go back to being lost in a city, and not being able to figuring out the right directions instantly on our phones!?

Today, mobile Internet is not only available for post-paid mobile plans, but also for prepaid card users. This makes it accessible for the entire population. And those that prefer to budget their mobile data spending beforehand, can get a mobile recharge as many times as they want!

Mobile Technology

#3: Heavenly Apps

With the introduction and expansion of mobile Internet usage came the massive development of Apps. Alright, we agree that some of them are totally unnecessary and we could live without, but those MRT rides not being able to play your favourite gaming Apps would be so long and boring… Apps are nothing else than the old functions of our phones, turned into cool-looking, more functional interfaces. So, technically, the good ol’ Snake game was an App too.

These days there are Apps for everything, and some of them work even without mobile data usage. There are Apps for the weather, Apps to make your shopping list and, even, Apps that recommend you the best sleeping cycle.

Looking back, we’ve come a long way, and we believe these are the best mobile technology innovations available today. At XOX Mobile, we’ll keep an eye on the latest mobile network updates, so we can get you the best mobile service and fares in Malaysia!