Finding a mobile plan with the best mobile internet service in mind isn’t just about comparing offerings and tariffs of the various carriers out there. Some key decisions that many users forget about is reliability and flexibility – i.e. the coverage and speed from a given network and the right package that will suit your lifestyle. When you think about it, most of us rely on mobile internet daily, hence the importance of choosing the best mobile internet plan in terms of coverage, quality, and price.

How’s the network’s quality?

To compare network providers, we’d first have to take into account the extent of the network’s coverage. Consider where you spend time most. Do you dwell in the city or in the suburbs? How is the urban and rural area coverage of your mobile internet provider? To grasp the breadth and reliability of a network’s internet service, you can ask around among your friends who uses different providers and check out reviews and comparisons online. Find out if things like speed drops occur for certain networks.

What kind of package do you need?

The next thing to take into consideration is how much data you need. Deciding on the right data package is easier said than done, especially when you’re looking for more bang for the buck. Mobile data users can generally be split into three categories: light, medium, and heavy. Light users might only use their mobile data to read and reply emails or to surf the web every now and then. Heavyweight users on the other hand, might use data for unlimited internet downloads, video streaming, social media browsing, WhatsApp etc. Mid-weight users fall somewhere in between. When you’re comparing mobile data tariffs, grasp your data usage habits to find the right package that’ll suit your lifestyle. While you don’t want to overpay for mobile internet, you’ll also want to have enough data to meet your needs.

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