How Nomophobia Affects Users of Mobile in Malaysia

We’ve all heard of or have people around us suffering from Acrophobia, the fear of heights, and Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, but what’s truly tormenting the society if you haven’t already noticed, is nomophobia. If you’re the type to freak out when you pat your pockets and find that your phone is missing, then you’re probably suffering from it. Nomophobia which is a portmanteau made up of no-mobile-phone-phobia and is a phobia spawned by our modern way of living. So how will nomophobia affect the users of mobile in Malaysia?

Mobile In Malaysia

Nomophobics are a ubiquitous bunch. Unlike other phobias, people who suffer from nomophobia may not even realize it. They’ll experience feelings of panic or desperation when separated from their mobile phones. Walking around the streets of Malaysia, you would notice a lot of users of mobile in Malaysia tend to walk around with their eyes glued to their phones, that’s if yours is not glued to one as well. Nomophobics are looming large within our vicinity!

Mobile In Malaysia

The worst thing that could happen to a nomophobic is probably to have their phones disconnected from their mobile internet rendering their phones practically useless. To save the nomophobic users of mobile in Malaysia from a mental breakdown, the most flexible mobile operator in Malayisa, XOX Mobile offers a wide range of products that’ll keep them connected to their mobile network! With XOX Mobile’s Season Pass, users can enjoy data packages that will never expire! Furthermore, unlimited internet data can too be shared to any Season Pass holder anytime so you’ll be able to save a nomophobic in need! With the latest mobile technology 4G LTE coming to XOX Mobile, download speeds will be faster than ever so you will never grow anxious when waiting for your phone notifications! Catering to the needs of nomophobics and others, XOX Mobile offers the most flexible plans. If you’re a nomophobic and have yet to subscribe, you can do so here and enjoy 28 months of prepaid validity, no additional mobile recharge needed!