Get the Par-tea Started

Walk into a Chinese restaurant or café, and you’d most probably see a long list of tea on the menu. Despite having so many options on the menu, there would always be some that we always go back to.

Here’s the list of five teas that Malaysians just can’t enough of.

1. Green Tea


Green tea – a popular choice of tea to drink when you wanna lose weight – is believed to be loaded with antioxidants and various substances that increase fat burn and are beneficial for health.

You can also add in some fragrant jasmine flowers to provide a smooth and floral taste, which results in a rich, greenish-yellow colour infusion.

2. Pu Erh


Pu Erh – one of the most popular teas you’ll find in a Chinese restaurant. Pu Erh helps with digestion and it’s the perfect tea to drink after an oily meal.

It’s also believed to be able to promote weight loss, but only if you drink it at the correct time.

3. Cham


You want the best of both worlds? This is it. Cham or sometimes known as Yuenyeung is made of a mixture of coffee and milk tea. It can be served hot or cold.

Tea mixed with coffee is also consumed in Ethiopia, where it is known as spreeze.

It is unknown who started such a coffee-tea-mixture, but Malaysians have adapted it into their culture and has become a favourite drink among us.

4. Milk tea


How could we leave this one out? The all-time favourite Malaysian version of this is no other than Teh Tarik or Teh Ais if you prefer it cold.

Have it together with Nasi Lemak or kuih-muih and people can tell you’re a true Malaysian from a mile away.

5. Bubble Milk Tea


Last but not least, Bubble Milk Tea! This has been a constant in our lives. From the days of queuing at the pasar malam trucks to various hipster Bubble Milk Tea, we can’t deny we love carrying a cup of Bubble Milk Tea where ever we go, ’cause we’re just hipster like that. And there’s something just so satisfying about chewing those chewy tapioca balls.

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