Five Facts about DNCE


We are only a week away till DNCE performs live in Kuala Lumpur! Woohoo!

So, you have heard their hits such as Cake by the Ocean, Toothbrush and Body Moves all over the radio waves. DNCE – comprising of Joe Jonas (vocals), Jack Lawless (drum), JinJoo Lee (guitar) and Cole Whittle (bass and keyboard) – was formed in 2015. And the band has been a hit for the past two years with even making a cameo appearance during Fox’s television special Grease: Live.

Here’s five fun facts to know about the band:

1. The band name is all about being imperfect

In case you’re wondering why does DNCE look like the word “dance” spelt without an “A”, that’s because it is. JinJoo explains DNCE is dance without an A, which is not a perfect word. “You don’t have to be a perfect dancer to dance in life. Sometimes it is never perfect, but you can still enjoy life,” she said.

2. Joe Jonas prefers being in a band to being solo

Remember back in 2011, Joe had an album called Fastlife? That was his only solo album to date. Joe has expressed he prefers working in a band as being solo is more competitive and can be stressful and overwhelming. “I’ve always felt comfortable being surrounded by really talented, hard-working individuals and I’ve been lucky to meet three of them again in my life who love this and work just as hard as me, and also have just as much fun. That’s key for us,” Joe speaks about DNCE.

3. Cake by the Ocean music video was directed by Gigi Hadid

The music video of Cake by the Ocean is directed by none other than Joe’s girlfriend at the time, Gigi Hadid. “She’s always had a high creative eye so she came up with concept and we rolled with it,” Joe told Entertainment Weekly.

4. They did a cover using only office stationeries

In March 2016, DNCE made a cover of Rihanna’s song, Work. What makes this cover special is that they don’t use any instruments, but only office supplies like staplers, calculators and computer keyboard. The video gets pretty chaotic as it progresses with office supplies being thrown all over the place.

Take a look at the video here:

5. They are working on a full-length album now

As a follow up to their eponymous LP that was released last November, DNCE are recording new materials. Though it is hard to find some time for the studio while they’re on tour, Joe ensures fan something is in the works. While the album is still in works, have a listen to Kissing Strangers – the lead single off this upcoming album.

DNCE is slated to perform at KL Live on August 8.


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