Searching for the cheapest data plan in Malaysia? If you have been on the search for some time, you may have realized that the best data plan in Malaysia is not judged solely based on price. Sometimes a cheap mobile data plan have many strings attached that chalks up to an eventual price that is far more expensive the initial cost quoted. Some have monthly commitments that you have to make, others require minimum usage. So what exactly are the features that you should look out for to identity the cheapest data plan in Malaysia? Two words are key: Usage and Flexibility.

XOX Mobile


Judge a plan according to the usage that it offers. If you are a heavy user, look for an unlimited data plan that fulfils your usage needs and compare the rates. You may also wish to note on the add-on rates. The cheapest data plan will offer the additional data volume at cheap rates, rather than exorbitant prices from telco companies who hope to make a quick bang for your buck when you urgently need more bandwidth. XOX Mobile’s data plans gives you the option to add more data anytime you want, at very affordable rates. For an extra 100MB, it costs RM5, while an extra 1GB costs RM35. Furthermore, it doesn’t take a hassle to get those additional data. A simple SMS will only be needed for activation!


Looking for the cheapest data plan in Malaysia also requires the need for flexibility. Can you imagine getting a prepaid data plan and finding yourself having to use up 5GB within the last 2 days? This scenario may sound doable for some heavy usage users, but what if you are spending your last 2 days overseas? The best prepaid data plan would thus consist a mote of flexibility that allows you to extend your validity period at low costs such as XOX Mobile’s prepaid plan, or use the remaining data to share it with those who need it more like your friends and family! With XOX Mobile’s Season Pass, you can share it with fellow Season Pass holders anytime you want, any way you like it to be.

XOX Mobile

Thus in conclusion, searching for the cheapest mobile data or best prepaid plan in Malaysia is not about the cost. The practicality of reality forces you to think about other factors that may be very costly! Research well and you will find the best plan that suits your mobile requirements and budget, good luck!