Benefits of Drinking Juice


Nothing says healthy living better than a glass of fresh juice. But what are the benefits of drinking juice compared to eating the fruit and vegetable solid?

Here are five benefits of drinking juice you should know about:

1. Body absorbs nutrients better

Your body needs to absorb the nutrients from food. While eating solid food means your body needs more time and energy to separate nutrients from fibre and then absorb those nutrients to use it for various functions, blending fruits and vegetables into juice would help ensure that your body gets an easy access to all those nutrients.

2. Good for your skin

Did you know drinking vegetable juice makes your skin glow and healthy? Vegetable juices like carrots and tomatoes are believed to be able to help make your skin glow. Juice of orange vegetables like carrots and pumpkins contain anti-oxidants and Vitamin C reduces pimples and acne breaking out on your face.

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3. Helps with weight loss

Research has found diets that contain a high percentage (up to 60 per cent of calories) of raw food are associated with weight loss and lowered blood pressure in overweight individuals.

A simple recipe you could try is to juice three apples and pour the juice into a pot. Slowly heat it up but not letting it boil. When it’s nice and warn, pour it into a mug, add cinnamon and it’s good to be served!

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4. Detoxes your body

Fresh fruits contain a small protein composed of three amino acids called glutathione aids our bodies in the detoxification of things like lead and pesticides.

Something you could try to kick off your day is juicing and mixing two lemons, two carrots, two apples and two beets. The beets are a good source of vitamins and various minerals

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5. Hydrates you

Not a day goes by in Malaysia where we don’t complain about the weather. When it’s hot, it gets really hot. And we get really dehydrated because of that. Downing a cold glass of juice would really help in this hot weather, wouldn’t it?

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